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Before you arrive

Before you arrive at Warwick, there are a few steps that you are required to complete to ensure your transition into the Department is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Diploma Preparation

The Diploma course is a 9-month conversion course for graduates in other disciplines to enable them to do further postgraduate work in Economics, such as a Masters, as well as a stand-alone course in its own right.

Most Diploma students have little or no background in Economics, although a minority have done a degree in Economics and wish to concentrate on developing their quantitative skills or need to spend an extra year developing their economics before starting their masters.

The programme is quite demanding because it consists in the main of second-year undergraduate courses designed primarily for students who have already done one year of economics here at Warwick. Although there is additional teaching for Diploma students, you will find that there is a lot to learn very quickly and therefore you will find it beneficial to do some preparation.

To help you with your preparation we have provided some exercises to complete over the summer and made various documents available to you:

Modules EC123 and EC124 contain material that may be useful for people who want to brush up on some maths and statistics. This is extremely useful material that would normally be taken as-known by the module lecturers who will be teaching your modules.

References are provided where needed, but any maths for economists, statistics, micro or macro primer should be enough to help with the questions.

Useful resources

We have a series of lecture notes for Maths B, Stats B and Micro 1 which you may find useful to look at and review in anticipation of your arrival, and are downloadable (please be aware that these are large files). They can be found hereLink opens in a new window.