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Your first few weeks

Settling into your programme as quickly as possible

Your first weeks at Warwick and in the Department will be busy but we have put together a guide of what will be happening and what you need to do during these weeks to help you settle into your programme as quickly as possible.

Diploma Pre-sessional Classes

Students on the Diploma in Economics come from a variety of backgrounds in terms of their academic preparation.

In order to assist in the adjustment to the level of the core modules Macroeconomics 2 (EC201), Microeconomics 2(EC202) and Econometrics, which are modules taught to 2nd year undergraduate Economics degree students, we are laying on additional classes to prepare you for the material taught in these core modules during this term.

These classes will be led by class tutors and will cover basic exercises in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and Statistics.

Dates and times:

Diploma Induction

Induction will start at 12noon (Monday 26th September 2022). .

Carefully note the dates and times of the various induction meetings in the first week.

View an overview of what will be happening during Induction Week

Details of formal registration with the University will be sent to you separately by the Graduate School Office, who will also have sent you details on how to apply to Warwick for accommodation. Please note that the Diploma in Economics is a nine-month (39 weeks) course and you therefore do not need to book accommodation for the year (50 weeks).

Information from the Graduate School in the Academic Office regarding formal registration, fees, accommodation and other University information (rather than Departmental) can be found on the Welcome to Warwick website.

Library Induction

There will be a Library Introduction Session for Diploma students with our Economics librarian Jackie Hanes on Friday 30th September 2022 12:00-13:00. There will also be a Library database session on Friday 7th October 2022 at 11:00-11:45am.

IT Induction

Please see here for an induction video from IT Services.

Personal Tutor Meeting

Please ensure that you arrange to meet with your personal tutor during Personal Tutor week. You can find out who your personal tutor is by visiting Tabula

Diploma Teaching Timetable

Check your teaching timetable carefully and regularly. You can see the timetable for your lectures through visiting the My Warwick application. Class times and other small group teaching activity can be seen by checking Tabula. You will see that you have been assigned to classes for core modules.

Diploma Modules and eMR

The Diploma course is taken exclusively by postgraduates. Its aim is to provide a level of subject knowledge equivalent to a bachelors degree in one year; the assumption is that graduate students are able to manage their time and organise their learning much better than less mature undergraduates therefore you study the modules which constitute the core of the bachelors degree. Admission to the Diploma course at Warwick is restricted to students who have achieved second class honours (or equivalent) in their first degrees; in almost all cases this means an upper second or first.

The mandatory modules are the modules which constitute the core of the second year of the BSc degree: EC201 Macroeconomics 2, EC202 Microeconomics 2 and EC226 Econometrics 1. In addition, students need to select a further second- or third-year undergraduate module to the value of 30 CATS (or two 15 CAT modules) approved by the Department of Economics.

View the list of available optional modules.

Please note that the list of references to books/articles provided on the module detail pages are only indicative. The exact references to the appropriate texts will be given at the start of each module.

The teaching method used on all major modules is a mixture of lectures and seminars or problems classes. There are usually two lectures per week plus one seminar/problems class per week. (This differs from the teaching provision for undergraduates doing the same modules which is the same lectures but seminars every two weeks; extra support is given to Diploma students). Seminar groups and problems classes allow intimate discussion and foster student participation.

eVision Module Registration

When you arrive at the University you will need to register your module/exam choices for the 2021/22 academic year using the eVision Module Registration (EMR) system. To access it you need to sign in via the Vision Module Registration (EMR) system.