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As part of the process of reflecting on our provision, I as module leader for EC331 am interested in students’ perceptions of the RAE module.
I am interested in your views on the following and would be grateful if you would send me your response.

One option may be to offer two variants of RAE each year: (i) RAE by Dissertation and (ii) RAE by Examination.

The RAE by Dissertation variant would be the same as the current RAE module.

The RAE by Examination variant would be more like a standard module of 30 CATS and would involve students attending 40 lectures over 2 terms and taking a 3-hour summer examination. The syllabus would be designed to provide students with research skills and the capacity to evaluate data, empirical evidence and applied work in different areas of Economics.

I am interested in estimating the likely proportion of students who would opt for each of the two variants. I would also like to have an idea of how the choice a student might make correlates with the student’s likely degree class outcome. Accordingly, would you please respond to the following 3 questions in this anonymous survey:

Thank you for your time.