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EC938 Further Details

Part 1 Sharun Mukand (weeks 12-15)

0. Syllabus (Readings) [please check this periodically for updates and supplement with readings suggested in class]

SyllabusAnnotated (All readings are annotated with the following rule: (**) signifies a very important reading, (*) signifies an important reading. Unstarred is useful for background reading.)

Assignment: [This includes Sharun Mukand and Eugenio Proto's assignment]

(Due date: see MSc Handbook -- March 2009)

LECTURE NOTES (Warning: Posted below are not the final version of the slides used in class.)

1. Stylized Facts + Solow Growth Model

2. Institutions and Growth + IV notes

(includes summary of competing explanations of ultimate sources of growth including AJR, 2001)

3. Institutions, Governance and Globalization notes

4. Foreign Aid


Part 2 Eugenio Proto (weeks 16-20)


Lecture 1: Basic Models of Growth (handouts)

Lecture 2: Structural Transformation (handouts)

Lecture 3: Finance and Development (handouts)

Lecture 4: Tecnological Progress (handouts)

Lecture 5: Happiness and Growth (handouts)

Acemoglu Ch 21