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EC956: Macroeconomics

  • Roberto Pancrazi

    Module Leader
  • Thijs Van Rens

    Module Lecturer
15 CATS - Department of Economics
Spring Module

Principal Aims

Administered by WBS.

The aim of this module is to provide advanced training in contemporary macroeconomics

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module students will be familiar with and will have a strong grasp of contemporary macroeconomic theory and policy. The students will have been introduced to a number of formal macroeconomic models and will be able to apply these models to the analysis of current economic issues. The student's grasp of macroeconomics will be enhanced by the acquisition of key skills which are both qualitative (e.g. assessing the various schools of thought in modern macroeconomics both verbally and in written work) and quantitative (e.g. acquiring new mathematical skills in dynamic optimisation and applying these to formal macroeconomic models). The students will also be familiar with the formal empirical evidence relating to macroeconomic issues and will have developed skills enabling him/her to assess current research publications and appraise arguments used by academic and policy making macroeconomists.


The topics covered in this model may include:

- Growth and Fluctuations

- Labour and Financial markets

- Macroeconomic Policy

- International Macroeconomics


Core Module
LN1J - Year 1


Assessment Method
Coursework (20%) + 2 hour exam (80%)
Coursework Details
One 50 minute test
Exam Timing

Reading Lists