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10: General Information

Dignity at Warwick

We are committed to ensuring a working and learning environment in which all University members (staff and students) are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, and where bullying and harassment are not tolerated.

All staff and students have the right to be treated fairly, a responsibility to encourage a culture of dignity and respect and to challenge inappropriate behaviour. It is expected that we all contribute to ensuring that the University continues to be a safe, welcoming and productive environment, where there is equality of opportunity, fostered in an environment of mutual respect and dignity.

We are all responsible for ensuring that individuals do not suffer any form of harassment or bullying . We encourage the constructive discussion of differences of views and to raise issues with the relevant individuals before they escalate.

The Dignity at Warwick Policy outlines unacceptable behaviours and the process of reporting and dealing with inappropriate behavior.

Personal Safety and Security on Campus

To feel and stay safe on campus, please familiarise yourself with some guidelines that the Campus Security team have provided for students on the Campus Security website. It offers advice on how to stay safe in your student home on and off campus, and how best to protect your property. You will also find details of who you need to call when in need of help.

Health and Safety

We consider that high standards of health and safety are of paramount importance in enabling us to achieve our objectives. We view compliance with legal requirements as the minimum acceptable health and safety standard. We are committed to planning, reviewing and developing health and safety arrangements in order to achieve a continual improvement in performance.

All staff, students and others working in the Department are expected to adopt a positive attitude to health and safety issues and must comply with appropriate legal requirements and University requirements as laid down in the University's Health and Safety Policy.

At Warwick we’re part of a community that cares about one another. We place emphasis on everyone's personal responsibility to behave in a way that protects each other from Covid-19 - keeping our wider community safe.

The University has a range of safety measures on campus to reduce the risks of Covid-19. Some of these go over and above the UK Government’s requirements, but they are being used with the safety and wellbeing of our community at the forefront of our minds.

All staff and students should take time to read the information on the ‘Stay safe at Warwick’ webpages.

The Department spaces have undergone a full risk assessment to ensure that all practical measures are put in place to minimise the risk from Covid-19. This includes limiting capacity within some rooms, installing hand sanitiser stations, moving furniture and installing signage Anyone inside the building must wear a face covering unless an exemption has been arranged through the Hidden Disability scheme. You can access a copy of the risk assessments and Standard Operating Procedures here.

The Head of Department, Professor Jeremy Smith, holds the ultimate responsibility for health and safety within the Department, but delegates elements of the maintenance, monitoring, development and implementation of health and safety policy and practices to the Head of Administration (Business and Research), Sarah Duggan, whose roles include that of the Department Health and Safety Officer (DHSO).

You should inform the DHSO of any situation that you consider a real or potential hazard or shortcomings in health and safety arrangements. The situation will be added to our risk register, the risk evaluated, and reasonably practicable measures should be put in place to eliminate or reduce the risk.

We will make suitable arrangements for health and safety within the limits of available financial and physical resources. Any relevant information on health and safety will be communicated to people working in the Department.

Information on fire evacuation procedures, first aid and emergency contact details can be found on laminated notices in all rooms allocated to the Department. You should also familiarise yourself with the evacuation procedure for other buildings on campus where you have lectures and seminars.


Other Policies and Regulations

The information in this Handbook is as accurate and up to date as we can make it. Changes may be made during the academic year where appropriate. Statements of departmental policy are made in good faith and are an honest attempt to describe current practices, but they do not replace entries in University regulations. In the event of uncertainty the University Calendar and Regulations take precedence.