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Before you arrive

The Welcome to Warwick website contains essential information for all students before arrival, which you'll need to refer to and complete the necessary steps that the University requires from you. This includes information on enrolment, accommodation, the payment of fees, health centre registration and other important things you need to do.


We are in the process of finalising the handbook, which will be made available here.

Transition Resources and Maths Revision

We are providing you with some brand new resources to help with your transition to university. This includes Refresher Mathematics for Economics, that we expect you to work through before you start your studies at Warwick.

Transition Resources

Essential Reading

The following sections of the handbook are essential to help you get off to a flying start during your first term.

View Essential Reading

Summer Reading

Before you arrive at Warwick, you may like to spend some time reading more about the subjects you have chosen to study, so we have developed a detailed reading list.

View Reading List

Student Blogs

This is a great way to find out what it's like to study Economics at Warwick and what to expect during your first year at University.

Read the Blogs