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Personal Tutor Meetings

What is the role of your Personal Tutor?

As part of our system of pastoral care, every student is allocated a Personal Tutor for their time at University and during Academic Week 2, you should have a group or individual meeting with your Personal Tutor. You will find out who your Personal Tutor is via Tabula and you will receive an email to confirm when and where your meeting will take place from the Undergraduate Office.

This meeting is compulsory, as it represents a key monitoring point for you throughout the year and your attendance will be recorded with the University.

This meeting will give you a chance to meet other students in your year and also ask any questions that you have not yet had answered.

If you have any concerns, your Personal Tutor is there to support you. However, if you feel that your problem is more severe, then seeing the Year 1 Tutor is advisable; Michele Aquaro will then be able to advise you and if necessary, direct you to the appropriate people to offer you further support.

Year Tutor

Details of the Year Tutors role can be found within the handbook.

Directors of Academic and Pastoral Support (DAPS):

Details of the DAPS role can be found within the handbook.