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Feedback and Reflection

We hope that you have had a successful and enjoyable week with us at the Warwick Summer Workshop in Economic Growth. We would be grateful if you could help us evaluate the effectiveness of the Summer Workshop by completing this form and giving us your comments and thoughts. *Based on the rating system below, please let us know what you thought about the following aspects of the Summer Workshop. It would be helpful if you could also add any comments you may have in the space below each section.*
*Monday 6th July*
Oded Galor [Brown]
Omer Moav [Warwick]
Nico Voigtlaender [UCLA]

*Tuesday 7th July*
Oded Galor [Brown]
Moshe Hazan [Tel-Aviv]
Luigi Pascali [Warwick]

*Wednesday 8th July*
Oded Galor [Brown]
Stelios Michalopolous [Brown]

*Thursday 9th July*
Oded Galor [Brown]
James Kai-Sing Kung [Hong Kong University of Science and Technology]

*Friday 10th July*
Tom S Vogl [Princeton]
Paula Giuliano [UCLA]



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Privacy notice
This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form, and the data you provide is used solely to help us improve the delivery of the Warwick Summer Workshop in Economic Growth.

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