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Students' Question Time 2018

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Students' Question Time 2018

Date: Monday 22 January 2018
Time: 6.15 - 7.15pm
Room: MS.02, Zeeman Building

Following our annual Warwick Question Time event in October 2017, we invite you to join us for a debate on current affairs with our student panel from the Departments of Economics and PAIS at this year's Students' Question Time 2018.

This year's panelists

Claudia Rei (Chair)

Claudia Rei is a Senior Teaching Fellow at Department of Economics.

I currently teach Economic History to first year Economic students. My research interests are Economic History, Applied Micro, Organisational Economics, and Political Economy. My latest publication titled 'Escaping Europe: Health and Human Capital of Holocaust Refugees' was recently accepted in the European Review of Economic History.

Sugheson Nagarajan (Year 1, Economics)

I'm Sugheson Nagarajan, from Malaysia. I am a First Year Economics student who really enjoys discussing and debating ideas. It is one of my strongest conviction that it is not enough for ideas to be correct for them to be powerful and deliver on their promises, but they must also be persuasive in order to win over an audience. With that, I take keen interest in global politics and economics, two separate disciplines which are completely intertwined.

Like Thomas Sowell once said, the first lesson in economics is scarcity; there is never enough of everything for all those who want it, and the first lesson in politics is to disregard the first lesson in economics. Besides that, I am big Liverpool FC fan and I enjoy hip-hop and rap music.

Ian Caistor Parker (Year 2, History and Politics)

I am a second year History and Politics student. I lead a student research group called ‘Youth and Brexit’. We formed in response to perceived marginalisation of young voters in the 2016 EU referendum and aim to empower those from all political backgrounds by providing a platform for debate, discussion and research. My personal work focuses on youth apathy and I hope to discuss how we can encourage more young people to engage with politics. I have a socialist perspective on contemporary politics and my hobbies include Rugby, cooking and running

Aniruddha Talukdar (MSc Economics)

I'm a graduate student of Economics from India. My core area of interest is Economic Policy and it's broader implications within the realm of International Relations. I took to debating at a very young age and am constantly seeking avenues to hone my craft and perfect the same to further my career and improve its prospects under the broader umbrella of public policy.

Lucy Vincent (Year 2, Economics)

My name is Lucy and I am a second-year economics student. I am originally from Sydney, Australia, and moved here for university. I have a passion for development economics with particular focus on micro-finance in developing countries, as well as welfare and tax structures in developed countries. I also enjoy playing netball, travelling and going to concerts.

Louise Sodergren (Year 2, Economics)

Having internationally competitively debated since highschool, I have developed an interest in approaching challenges and opportunities a society faces from various perspectives. As a Second Year Economics student, I enjoy deconstructing the policies that aim to address these issues both intuitively and quantitatively.

Anjy Alli (Year 2, PAIS)

I am a first year student studying Politics, International Studies and Hispanic Studies from South London. As one of the presenters of a Warwick radio show called 3SipsofTea, where we discuss current and controversial topics, I am always ready for a discussion. I enjoy debating as it is not only a chance to voice your own ideas but it also allows you to see the world from the perspectives of others.


Don't want to debate? Then come and watch. Spaces are limited and are offered on a first-come first-served basis, so we recommend that you sign up as soon as possible.


*For first year economics students, attendance at this event will give you 10 credits towards your Personal Development Module. Please note that you must stay for the full event in order to receive these credits.