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Women in Economics Mentoring Workshop

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Women in Economics Mentoring Workshop

The aim of the event is to provide an opportunity for female economists at different stage of their career to expand their research networks and collaborations, discuss issues in an informal and friendly setting, and participate in small group mentoring sessions.

Date: Friday 19 June, 6.15-7.30pm
Location:Radcliffe House, University of Warwick

Participants will take part in a series of discussions lead by our mentors and organised around topics such as publishing, writing successful grant applications, networking, career planning; the focus will be on the challenges that women may face especially at the early stage of the career

Attendees will also take part in the small group sessions, based on common research interests, there will be the chance for PhD students and junior research to receive comments and feedback on their work from the external mentors and more senior female economists working in the same field. There will also be many opportunities for the attendees to socialise with each other during this event.

The event is inspired by the Royal Economic Society Women Mentoring retreat, which was organised by the RES women committee at Warwick in April 2019.

Senior Mentors

Johanna Rickne

Johanna is Professor of Economics at the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University, and part-time Professor of Economics at Nottingham University. Wallenberg Academy Fellow and research affiliate at CEPR and the Stockholm China Economic Research Center. Johanna has a special interest in Asia in general, and China in particular

Research interest: labor economics, political economics, and gender economics.

Anandi Mani

Anandi is Professor of Behavioural Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government. Her research interests are in the area of Development Economics, with a specific focus on issues related to the behavioural economics of poverty and social exclusion, gender issues and public good provision. She is a Research Affiliate at Ideas42, a think tank for behavioural economics at Harvard University, and a Fellow at the centre for Comparative Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) at the University of Warwick.

Research interest: development economics, behavioral economics.


Audinga Baltrunaite

Audinga is an economist at the research department of the Bank of Italy, Economics and Law Division and also affiliated to the Dondena Gender Initiative, Bocconi University

Research interest: Public Economics, Political Economics and Gender Economics

Eleni Aristodemou

Eleni is Assistant Professor in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam

Research Interest: applied industrial organization, econometrics (theory and applied)

Kate Orkin

Kate Senior Research at the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford

Research Interest: behavioural, labour and development economics

Maja Adena

Maja is Research Fellow at the Social Science Research Center at WZB (Berlin)

Research Interest: Economics of Philanthropy, Media Economics , Field and natural experiments, public economics, political economy.

Daphné Skandalis

Daphné is an Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Research Interest: labor economics, applied econometrics and policy evaluation.


Registration for this event is mandatory. First year Economics students are expected to attend. Please reserve your place by completing a registration form.

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