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Call For Papers

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The 10th Warwick Economics PhD Conference 2022 – Call for Papers

Registration for the 10th annual Warwick Economics PhD Conference is now open. This year the event will take place on  8-9 June 2022 at the University of Warwick. The event will be held in person at the premises of the University, and it will be live-streamed to enable remote participation. 

This event is organised by research students at the Warwick Economics Department and attended by faculty members. This is an exceptional opportunity to receive feedback on your work, to understand what your international colleagues are working on in more detail, to build up networks and to improve your presentation skills.   

The conference papers will be evaluated by a scientific committee, consisting of Warwick Economics Faculty members and PhD students. Papers from Economics and related disciplines are invited. We are not looking for polished papers exclusively; early-stage projects are also welcome.    

How to apply?

Please submit an extended abstract of strictly no more than 3 pages and conforming to the criteria listed below. Abstracts can contain figures and tables, as long as they do not exceed the 3-page limit (references not included) with at least one-inch margins and font-size of no less than 11 point. The abstract should clearly outline the contribution, methodology, data (if the paper has an empirical section) and key findings/results of the paper, allowing the reviewer to perform an informed evaluation of the work.  Please ensure the abstract does not contain your name, institution, or any other identifying information. 

Please specify whether you would like your project to be considered for the presentation session, for the flash session or for both. In the presentation session, the presenter should be prepared to talk for a 20-minutes slot, followed by a 5-minutes discussion led by another conference speaker. Presenters are additionally expected to serve as discussants for a fellow presenter's paper, according to their field of research. In the flash session, the presenter is expected to give a 5-minutes presentation without any discussant. We will always prioritise allocating a slot in the presentation session if both options are selected. 


The deadline for submission is 8 Feb 2022 (Midnight GMT), but we strongly encourage early submissions. We kindly ask each applicant to submit only one application under their name: if multiple abstracts are submitted by the same author, only the earliest application will be evaluated. Applicants will be notified on the application outcome via email by mid-March at the latest.  

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to receiving your application. 

Warwick Economics PhD Conference 2022 Organising Team