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Warwick Economics Lecture with Hayley Mulenda

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Warwick Economics Lecture with Hayley Mulenda

The Department of Economics is delighted to welcome Hayley Mulenda, multi-award winning international speaker, as our next Warwick Economics Lecture speaker for the 2022/23 academic year.

A Breakdown Can Become a Breakthrough

Date: Thursday 4 May, 18:15 - 19:15
Location: The Oculus, OC0.03

Dr Christian Soegaard will introduce the speaker and chair the Q&A session at the end of the lecture.

This event is for students and staff only and registration is required in order to attend. First year students who attend the lecture will be able to get PDM points.

About the Talk

Hayley will share her mental health story as well as tools on how to sustain a healthy mental well-being. She will also advise on how to create a healthy environment where people can be open about their well-being.

About the Speaker

After nearly committing suicide at the age of 18, Hayley realised how mental health issues are increasingly affecting millennials and she was passionate to do something about it. Hayley has spoken to over 40,000 people sharing her story, life lessons and strategies on well-being, inclusion and resilience.

Hayley published her first book "The ABCs To Student Success" teaching young people life lessons and strategies on how to sustain a healthy mental wellbeing, after facing different trials and tribulations.

Hayley has spoken at some of the largest gender diversity conferences in Europe, the Houses of Parliament, Wembley Arena and to a number of top international schools in East Africa. She has worked with senior leaders at Microsoft as well as executive leaders at Unilever, and also sits on the board of Wagamama where she advises on their diversity and sustainability policies. Her insight has helped different senior leaders with developing strategies on how to cultivate an environment that focuses on inclusion and healthy well-being for young talent.

She is a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless.

Please note: Photography will be taking place at this event, which may be used for marketing purposes (e.g. promotional materials). By registering your attendance at this event, you are giving consent to be photographed, however if you do not wish to be photographed, please inform the photographer or a member of Economics staff on the day. You can withdraw your consent at any time via email to maxine.thacker@warwick.a.cuk.


Please complete the following form with your details as registration is mandatory. Only register if you are going to attend.

Registration will close on Wednesday 3 May at 4pm.

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