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CRETA 2024 Economic Theory Conference

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CRETA 2024 Economic Theory Conference

The idea is to bring together a wide spectrum of people working in Economic theory broadly defined.

Date: Friday 8 – Sunday 10 March 2024

Friday 8 March

14.00 - 14.30

Arrival Refreshments

14.40 - 15.15 Elias Tsakas (Maastricht University)
Title: Belief identification by proxy
15.15-16.00 Ludvig Sinander (University of Oxford)

Title: Comparative statics with adjustment costs and the le Chatelier principle

16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-17.15 Sebastiaan Maes (University of Antwerp)
Title: Moments of Demand and Stochastic Rationalizability
19.00 Evening Dinner (Speakers & invited participants only)

Saturday 9 March


Arrival Refreshments

10.00-10.45 Anna Sanktjohanser (Toulouse School of Economics)
Title: Competition, Price Discrimination, and Consumer Search
10.45-11.30 Lorenzo Maria Stanca (Università degli studi di Torino)
Title: Signed Subjective Expected Utility
11.30-11.50  Coffee Break
11.50-12.35 Gaetano Bloise (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Title: Do Not Blame Bellman: It is Koopmans’ Fault
12.35-13.20 Francesc Dilme (University of Bonn)
Title: Lexicographic Numbers in Extensive Form Games
13.20-15.00  Lunch
15.00-15.45 Andrés Salamanca Lugo (University of Venice)
Title: Mediation Design by an Informed Disputant with Transparent Motives
15.45-16.30 Yiannis Vailakis (University of Glasgow)
Title: Credit rationing in unsecured debt markets
16.30-16.50  Coffee Break
16.50 -18.05 Eddie Dekel (Northwestern University)
Title: Sequential Mechanisms for Evidence Acquisition


Conference dinner (Open to speakers & participants)

Sunday 10 March

09.45 - 10.30 Andreas Kleiner (University of Bonn)

Title: From Design to Disclosure

10.30 - 10.50 Coffee break
10.50 - 11.35  Raghav Malhotra (University of Leicester
Title: Inequality and Taxation of Bundles: Market Segmentation as a Policy Instrument
11.35 - 12.20 Nikolaos Kokonas (University of Bath)

Title: Optimal taxation and debt in an overlapping generation economy with risk


Lunch & Goodbye


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