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Previous Speakers


We have running a guest lecture series since 2014 and have hosted a wide range of speakers from policy-makers and politicians to prominent business figures.

Below is a list of guests who have been invited to speak as part of our lecture series;

Date Speaker  


Bridget Rosewell CBE
'Planning Our Infrastructure - Dealing with Long Term Uncertainty'

Commissioner with the NIC, Experienced Director, Policy Maker and Economist


Martin Reeves
'A Tale of Two Cities Within a City - A Search for a New Model of Inclusive Sustainable Economic Growth in the UK'

Chief Executive of Coventry City Council


Paul Seabright
'Religions as Competing Platforms - What Has Happened to Religion Across The World Since The Second World War?'

Professor at The Toulouse School of Economics, Director of The Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse and Member of The Institut d'Economie Industrielle


Angus Armstrong
'Why Rebuild Macroeconomics?'

Director of Rebuilding Macroeconomics and Chief Economic Adviser at Lloyds Bank Group


Andy Haldane
'Growth, Finance and Institutions'

Chief Economics and Executive Director of Monetary Analysis and Statistics, Bank of England


Sumit Dey-Chowdhury
'Is GDP Fit for Purpose?'
Senior Economist at the Office for National Statistics


Vinay Gupta
'Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin'
Co-founder of Mattereum


David Goodhart
'Anywheres and Somewheres: The New Tribes Shaping British Politics'
Journalist, author and think tanker


Dr Mike Walker
'Why is Competition Policy Becoming so Difficult?'
Chief Economist, Competition Market Authority (CMA)


Margaret Gilmore
'The Terrorist Hunters'
Writer, broadcaster and security analyst


Ciaran Martin
'What would Machiavelli do about Cyber Security'
Director General Cyber Security GCHQ
Melanie Dawes
'Place, partnership and power: local leadership and local growth'
Permanent Secretary for DCLG
March 2016 Jeremy Wright
'Making law and politics work together at the centre of government'
Attorney General for England and Wales
March 2016 Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze
'Connecting the dots: how development grows peace and stability'
President of The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
February 2016 Professor Franceso Giavazzi
'The Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Adjustment Plans: Disaggregating Taxes and Spending'
Full Professor of Economics at Universita Bocconi
January 2016 Sir Vince Cable
'Are we heading for a fresh economic crisis'
British politician who was the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills.
November 2015 Vicky Pryce
'Britain and the EU – the economic case for staying in.'
Greek-born British Economist, Business Consultant and author of 'Greekonomics'
October 2015 Sir Nicholas MacPherson
'The Global Economic & Financial Crisis: What we have learnt 7 years on'
Permanent Secretary, HM Treasury
February 2015 Minouche Shafik Deputy Governor, Markets & Banking at the Bank of England
February 2015 Professor David Soskice LSE Professor of Political Science and Economics
January 2015 Dr Kanayo Nwanze President of The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
December 2014 Jonathan Portes Director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research
March 2014 Right Reverend James Jones Former Bishop of Liverpool
March 2014 Alexander Stevenson Co-founder of Rse Consulting, a public sector consultancy specialising in strategic services for local government
February 2014 Faisal Islam Award-winning English journalist and economics editor for Channel 4