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Week 8

Department News

Almost half of UK political donations come from private wealthy ‘super-donors’, new research finds

A new study reveals the growing influence of wealthy individuals in political affairs, particularly in the affairs of the Conservative party. The report also highlights a growing inequality between the financial resources of the two leading parties, which could have significant effects for democracy over the long term. Find out more about the studyLink opens in a new window.

New research explores how opinion polls influence voting behaviour in the UK

Do pre-election opinion polls simply record voting intentions, or can they actually influence voters’ choices? Read the full article hereLink opens in a new window.

Save the Dates – Undergraduate Open Days 2023

Please save the following dates in your diary for our Undergraduate Open Days in 2023. Staff involvement at these events are highly appreciated by prospective students. We will be calling for academic and PSS staff participation closer to each date.

  • Saturday 13 May 2023 (Offer Holders Only)
  • Saturday 17 June 2023
  • Saturday 24 June 2023
  • Saturday 7 October 2023
  • Saturday 21 October 2023

*Are you interested in promoting your research at an Open Day?
We require members of academic staff to deliver mini taster lectures during our June and October events. If you are interested in promoting your research to large prospective student audiences, please contact Charlotte ( to express your interest.

Walk with colleagues

Join us for a short 20 minute walk - Monday to Friday at 12.00pm. If you are in the Department and fancy a breath of fresh air during an early lunch break, come for a walk and a chat along the way. Be at Colin’s office (S2.130) by 12.00pm.

Departmental HR Update

Health and Wellbeing

Good health and wellbeing is paramount for staff at all times. The University offers a range of remote sessions dedicated to improving our wellbeing. We encourage as many of you as possible to explore any one of these opportunities.

Report and Support

Since its introduction, the University Report and Support scheme has been utilised by staff and students to report incidences of bullying/harassment, sexual misconduct, hate crime and discrimination. The University has analysed have produced the first Annual Report which shows that there has been significant use of the system by students and a smaller number of staff since the introduction of the scheme.

Conference Support Award

The University has reinstated the Conference Support Award Scheme. The Conference/Training Support Award scheme provides up to £200 to help cover the additional caring costs that individuals incur in order to attend a conference/training session or similar event. Details of the scheme and application form are available here. Applications should be forwarded to Sarah Duggan – Head of Administration, Business and Research in the first instance.

Should you have any queries regarding the scheme, please contact the departmental HR Officer.

Publications, Presentations & Workshops

Andrew Oswald gave a talk at City University to senior UK doctors on the topic "Happiness, Health and the Midlife Crisis". A personal note from Andrew: Any Warwick colleagues who have friends or family members who are approaching late-40s may wish to be aware that those years are the peak years for suicide risk and clinical-depression risk in our country.

Andrew Oswald published a non-technical article in the Times Higher on the future of the behavioural sciences after the pandemic.

Andrew Oswald's VoxEU article 'The puzzle of the midlife crisis amid affluence'Link opens in a new window has been released.

Omer Moav had a rant on Twitter about the editorial/refereeing process in economicLink opens in a new windows, If you are not on Twitter, you can read it hereLink opens in a new window.

Arun Advani writes for the Guardian with his opinion on the Autumn Statement "Timid Jeremy Hunt fails to reform how rich are taxed"Link opens in a new window.

Working Papers

Ben Lockwood's and Michela Redoano's working paper (with Francesco Porcelli and Antonio Schiavone) Yardstick Competition in the Digital Age : Unveiling New Networks in Tax CompetitionLink opens in a new window has been released.

Thiemo Fetzer's and Ludovica Gazze's working paper (with Menna Bishop) How large is the energy savings potential in the UK?Link opens in a new window has been released.

Fatih Konsoy's working paper FOMC Minutes: As a Source of Central Bank Communication SurpriseLink opens in a new window has been released.

Lory Barile's working paper (with John Cullis and Phillip Jones Ain't that a Shame: False Tax Declarations and Fraudulent Benefit ClaimsLink opens in a new window has been released.

Media Coverage

"I'm sick of this HRT mania with celebrities like Davina McCall promoting drugs when menopause is the best time of my life... but it does help living in rural France with long lunches and a relaxing lifestyle"Link opens in a new window - Andrew Oswald research mentioned - Daily Mail - 19 November 2022.

"Inflation and Unemployment Both Make You Miserable, but Maybe Not Equally"Link opens in a new window - Andrew Oswald research mentioned - The Wall Street Journal - 18 November 2022.

"Rishi Sunak's covid record - and what it tells us about his views on health, wealth, and the value of science"Link opens in a new window - Thiemo Fetzer research mentioned - 16 November 2022.

How UK households could save £10bn a year by making homes more energy efficientLink opens in a new window - Thiemo Fetzer and Ludovica Gazze research mentioned - 16 November 2022.

Surge in private gifts to parties gives ‘super-donors’ growing influence on UK politics, report findsLink opens in a new window - CAGE research mentioned and Mirko Draca quoted - 23 November 2022.

Dates For Your Diary

  • Careers in Economics Series: Alumni Career JourneysLink opens in a new window | Wednesday 7 December | 1:00 - 2:00 pm | OC1.01
  • Offer Holder Open Day | Saturday 13 May
  • Undergraduate Open Day | Saturday 17 June
  • Undergraduate Open Day | Saturday 24 June
  • Undergraduate Open Day | Saturday 7 October
  • Undergraduate Open Day | Saturday 21 October
  • Metrics-Labour Coffee break | Every 2 weeks | Thursdays - 1.00 pm | Staff Common Room (2nd floor)
  • Tea @ 3 | every Wednesday | Staff Common Room, S2.132