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Dr Jonathan Cave comments on UK steel sector dispute

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Dr Jonathan Cave comments on UK steel sector dispute


Dr Jonathan Cave recently featured in an article on Reuters, looking at how disputes in the UK steel sector escalated on the eve of the General Election.

British unions have started balloting some 17,000 Tata Steel workers for industrial action from yesterday, potentially deterring further investors from the UK steel sector, which is already shrinking.

If the steel workers vote to strike, it would be the biggest industrial action in the sector in 35 years.

Dr Cave explains that the dispute could be an issue for the elected government:

In the uncertain period leading up to a strike or to a resolution, the government should be concerned about the effect on its reputation.

"The cost and availability of domestic and international capital may react strongly to perceived blips, especially if they are seen as harbingers of a new period of austerity-enhanced labour troubles."

Read the full article; "UK steel sector dispute escalates on eve of election".