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Admissions Information

Admission to our undergraduate programmes is very competitive so it is important that you read the entry criteria to ensure you meet our requirements before applying. Please note offer levels are not set until just before the application cycle therefore please check the latest offer levelsLink opens in a new window.

Entry Requirements

A successful application to our programmes requires the application to be strong in all areas, including:

  • Predicted/Current Grades
  • Past Academic Record
  • Personal Statement
  • School Reference
A Levels/IB
Course A Level Contextual Offer IB

BSc Economics

A*A*A (to include A* in Mathematics)

(to include A* in Mathematics)

to include 6, 6, 6 in three Higher Level subjects including Higher Level Mathematics (either ‘Analysis and Approaches’ or ‘Applications and Interpretation’)

BA/BSc Economics, Politics and International Studies A*A*A
(to include A*/Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics)

(to include A*/Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics)

to include 6, 6, 6 in three Higher Level subjects. You will also need A* or Grade 8 in GCSE Maths, or 5 in Standard Level Mathematics (either ‘Analysis and Approaches’ or ‘Applications and Interpretation’). If you do not meet these Maths requirements you must be taking Maths at Higher Level in the IB.
Subject Combinations
  • We do not specify a subject mix at A Level, but we particularly value applicants who can demonstrate a strong breadth of study.
  • We are looking for students with strong mathematical ability and A-level Mathematics or equivalent is therefore required for this programme.
  • Further Maths and Economics are not essential, although they are fine subject choices for a student considering Economics at degree level. We treat them as any other strong A level subject: they have no special status.
  • We will only look at your top three grades (including Mathematics). A fourth A Level will not be considered.

We welcome applications from students taking BTECs alongside two A levels, including A level Mathematics for BSc Economics and BSc Economics and Industrial Organisation. For BA/BSc Economics, Politics and International Studies you will need A*/Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics.

Contextual Offers

Warwick may make differential offers to students in a number of circumstances. These include students participating in the Realising Opportunities programme, or who meet two of the contextual data criteria. Find out more about contextual data offers for Economics.


A strong set of GCSE grades including the majority at A (or 7) and A* (or 8-9). Your GCSE (or equivalent) English Language and Mathematics grades should be no lower than B (or 6). We also consider your overall GCSE subject profile.

International Students

We welcome applications from students with other internationally recognised qualifications.

Find out more about international entry requirements.

Warwick International Foundation Programme (IFP)

All students who successfully complete the Warwick IFP and apply to Warwick through UCAS will receive a guaranteed conditional offer for a related undergraduate programme (selected courses only).

Find out more about standard offers and conditions for the IFP.

English Language Requirements

All students will also need to meet our English Language requirements.


We do not typically interview applicants. Offers are made based on your UCAS form which includes predicted and actual grades, your personal statement and school reference.

Personal Statement

In your personal statement, you should demonstrate enthusiasm for the subject, wide reading and motivation. We recommend that you focus on the subject rather than extra-curricular activities, but non-academic information can be useful if it supports your academic achievements. You will need to evidence your ability to apply academic theories and ideas to what is happening in the news, work experience, part time work, etc.

View guidance on writing your personal statement.

Gap Years and Retakes

Gap Years

Applications for deferred entry are welcomed.


In a normal year, due to the competitive nature of our courses, unfortunately, retaking modules during an additional year i.e. spending 3 years on achieving A2s does place applicants at a disadvantage. This is because they will be competing against students who are only taking two years to complete their A Levels. If this is due to mitigating circumstances you will need to ensure that your referee explains why, and you can also complete the Access to Warwick Degrees (AWARDS) form.

Course Transfers

Internal Transfers (Inside the Department of Economics)

We offer flexibility to our students to transfer between the three undergraduate programmes we offer in the Department of Economics which are:

  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Economics and Industrial Organisation
  • BSc/BA Economics, Politics and International Studies

A transfer is usually straightforward apart from if you are requesting a transfer from BSc/BA Economics, Politics and International Studies to our other two programmes. For this transfer to be approved, we would need to check you have met the Maths requirements for BSc Economics or BSc Economics and Industrial Organisation (A) and that you haven't previously made an unsuccessful application to these two courses.

A transfer cannot be requested until you enroll with the University. Once enrolled, you should contact the Undergraduate Office to request a transfer of degree.

External Transfers (Outside the Department of Economics)

Transfers into the Department of Economics are not guaranteed and are reliant on our student intake at the beginning of the year. It is recommended that you contact the Undergraduate Office at the start of the year to see if the Department is open to transfers.

If you are a student in the Department of Economics thinking of transferring to a degree course outside of the Department of Economics, you will need to contact the Department in question to request this.

Transfers from other Universities

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any transfers from other Universities into any year of our degree course.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Find out how to apply to Warwick.Link opens in a new window