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Carroll Round

Each year a number of our undergraduate students are invited to present papers at a conference in the United States.

What is the Carroll Round?

Held at Georgetown University, the Carroll Round is an annual international economics conference providing a unique forum for research and discussion among the world’s top undergraduates and encourages and supports scholarly innovation in the field among leading undergraduates in economics.

The papers presented by our final-year students are products of our unique undergraduate research project, which has been commended by both external examiners and students themselves for the value it adds to job applications and preparation for postgraduate study.

What's in it for me?

The conference gives students the chance to meet world-renowed economists, such as Joseph Stiglitz, a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and former senior vice president and chief economist of the World Bank, pictured here with our 2011 Carroll Round students.

Our Participants

Since 2007 our students have presented papers at the Carroll Round due to the high calibre of work they have produced, with a Warwick Economics undergraduate awarded the prize for 'Outstanding Participant and Paper' at the 2012, 2015 & 2016 Carroll Round's.

2017 - David Henning, Tim Maecker and Marcel Schlepper

  • David Henning - "Exploring conflict in Nigeria: Does the Rapacity Effect Dominate Across Local Govenment Areas in Nigeria" - Winner of the Award for Best Participant 2017
  • Tim Maecker - "Do Language and Cultural Barriers Enable Firms to Price Discriminate Between Countries in the European Union" - Winner of the Ward for Best Paper 2017
  • Marcel Schlepper - "Comrade, Have you seen the latest polls? A quantitative analysis of the impact of national election polls on vote defection in the European Parliment"
  • [Download Attendance Report ]

2016 - Mihay Abel, Michael Gill and Lim Jia Jun

  • Mihaly Abel - "Pretending to be Green: The Role of Environmental Status Signalling the Behaviour-Impact Gap Problem" - Winner of the Award for Outstanding Participant 2016 [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Michael Gill - "The Impact of Monetary Policy on the UK Yield Curve" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Lim Jia Jun - "Do Equity Markets Incorporate Bond Market Expectations?" [Download Attendance Report ]

2015 - Virginia Minni and Hameem Raees Chowdhury

  • Virginia Minni - "Can Greater Bank Capital Lead to Less Bank Lending? An Analysis of the Bank-Level Evidence from Europe" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Hameem Raees Chowdhury - "Microcredit vs. Poverty: A comparative study of Joint-Liability Repayment Rates within Microcredit Communities" - Winner of the Award for Outstanding Participant 2015 [Download Attendance Report ]

2013 - Matthew Bailey and Ilyas Zhukenov

  • Matthew Bailey - "Asset Bubbles and Post-earning Announcement Drift in an Anchored Sentiment-regime Dependent Natural Expectations (ASDNE) Framework" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Ilyas Zhukenov - "The Effect of EU Enlargement on International Student Mobility" [Download Attendance Report ]

2012 - Thomas Preston, Samuel Evans and Christopher Roth

  • Thomas Preston - "The Determinants of Football League Transfer Market Values: An Age of Financial Restraint" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Samuel Evans - "Clearing the Cognition: A Study of the Impact of High-frequency-trading on Equity Market Volatility" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Christopher Roth - "Darwin's Happiness Hypothesis: Subjective Well-being in an Individual Panel from an Evolutionary Perspective" [Download Attendance Report ]

2011 - Nik Orlov, Meryl Ching and Benedict Guttman-Kenney

  • Nik Orlov - "Trapped in Happiness? A Consideration of Dynamics in Ordinal Subjective Well-Being Functions" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Meryl Ching - "Does Public Health Expenditure Significantly Affect Health Outcomes. Using the East Asian Crisis to Form a Natural Experiment" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Benedict Guttman-Kenney - "CoCo Pops: What will be the Implications for a Bank's (and the Financial System's) Stability of Cocos being triggered? A theoretical model of signalling and bank runs"

2010 - Rob Harris and Benjamin Morley

  • Rob Harris - "The Effect of News Media on UK Consumer's Inflation Assessment" [Download Attendance Report ]
  • Benjamin Morely - "Aid Policies and Long-Run Growth"

2008 - Tadashi Shirai, Simone Nitsch and Amish Gandhi

  • Tadashi Shirai - "Intertemporal Substitution in Consumption & Krugman"
  • Simone Nitsch - "Transaction Taxes in a Financial Market Model with Technical and Fundamental Traders"
  • Amish Gandhi - "Unions, Capital and Productivity"

2007 - Erik Eggum, Angelica De Rocha and Abdulla Humaidan

  • Erik Eggum - "Fitting Martingale with Horseshoes for a Deterministic Walk towards Chaos - A Model of Heterogeneous Expectations Among Traders"
  • Simone Nitsch - "The Impact of Stock Market Liquidity on Economic Growth: an Empirical Analysis"
  • Abdulla Humaidan- "Returning Misplaced Mail: Underlying Motives and Influential Factors"