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CAGE-CDE Workshop Delhi

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CAGE-CDE Workshop Delhi

"Public Policy and Development" 26-27th March 2019, Delhi

Programme details :

26 March (Tuesday)

9.15 am: Welcome Address (Rohini Somanathan)

9.30 am – 11.30 am: Session 1 (Chair: Sunil Kanwar)

Bishnupriya Gupta: “Demographic Shock and Women’s Labour Market
Participation: Evidence from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in India” (9.30-10.10)

Sugata Bag: “Is conservative culture a reason for low labour force participation
rate among the married women of India? A Causal Analysis” (10.10-10.50)

Clement Imbert: "Entry Exit and Candidate Selection: Evidence from India" (10.50-11.30)

11.30 am -11.45 am: Tea Break

11.45 am – 1.05 pm: Session 2 (Chair: Aditya Bhattacharjea)

Ram Singh: “Does choice of contract matter for cost and quality of roads?” (11.45-12.25)

Vishruti Gupta: “Transport Costs and Demand Clusters: Market Structure and Efficiency” (12.25-1.05)

1.05 pm - 2.30 pm: Lunch

2.30 pm - 3.50 pm: Session 3 (Chair: Shreekant Gupta)

Arun Advani: “Insurance Networks and Poverty Traps” (2.30-3.10)

Rohini Somanathan: “Meritocracy in the Face of Group Inequality”(3.10-3.50)

3.50 pm - 4.15 pm: Tea Break

4.15 pm - 5.30 pm: Panel Discussion: “Affirmative Action: For Whom?”
Chair & Moderator: Parikshit Ghosh
Panelists: Ashwini Deshpande, Clement Imbert, Neera Chandhoke, Gurpreet Mahajan

7:00 pm: Conference Dinner (by invitation)

27 March (Wednesday)

9.30 am – 11.30 am: Session 4 (Chair: Mausumi Das)

Dennis Novy: “Vehicle Currency Pricing and Exchange Rate Pass-Through” (9.30-10.10)

Giovanni Ricco: “ The transmission of monetary policy shocks” (10.10-10.50)

Dibyendu Maiti: "Trade, Market Imperfections and Labor Share" (10.50-11.30)

11.30 am -11.45 am: Tea Break

11.45 am – 1.05 pm: Session 5 (Chair: J.V.Meenakshi)

Garima Aggarwal: “Improving school attendance for adolescent girls - Evidence
from a policy experiment in Delhi's public schools” (11.45-12.25)

Ashwini Deshpande: “Nakusha? Son Preference, "Unwanted" Girls and Gender
Gaps in Education” (12.25-1.05)

1.05 pm - 1.15 pm: Closing Remarks & Vote of Thanks (Ashwini Deshpande)

1.15 pm - 3.00 pm: Lunch followed by Tea & Coffee