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The Economics of the UK-EU Relationship

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The Economics of the UK-EU Relationship

The impact of EU membership on British growth performance both past and future is somewhat controversial. In this video, Nicholas Crafts gives his assessment of the evidence. He suggests that the UK’s entry into the EU in the 1970s had strong positive effects in particular because it addressed issues of weak competition but that Brexit now would lower the income level through adverse effects on trade without addressing any of the 21st-century supply-side problems that hold UK growth back.

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This talk was given at a workshop, 'The Economics of the UK-EU Relationship, held on 3 June at Brunel University and organised by professors Nauro Campos and Fabrizio Coricelli.

The associated research paper and press release for Professor Crafts' talk may be downloaded here:

UK Economic Growth Performance in a European Context: Has EU Membership Made Much Difference?

Press Release – Friday 3rd June, 2016