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Policy Reports

Economic challenges and success in the post-COVID era

After a decade of austerity following the 2008 financial crisis, the UK was faced with a global health emergency of a severity not seen for generations. As we emerge from the peak of this health crisis, policymakers are left to make sense of the economic challenges the pandemic has left behind. In this policy report, CAGE economists assess the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19 on the labour market, housing, productivity, finance and wellbeing. They offer insights for policymakers on how the pandemic will (and will not) shape the future economy and consider what lessons we should take from history to navigate a new path in these unprecedented times.

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Which way now? Economic policy after a decade of upheaval

The UK has just lived through a decade of turmoil, which began with the financial crisis and ends with the country on the brink of Brexit. These events, and the years in between them, have raised fundamental questions about the UK economy and how public policy can respond to the challenges behind those questions. We have never needed expert economic analysis more than we do today.

This report brings together the insight and research of 25 leading economists to explain the consequences of the financial crisis, the fundamental causes of the Brexit vote, what those things tells us about how economic policy should be made and implemented, and how the UK can promote inclusive growth and financial stability in the years ahead.

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Understanding Happiness - A CAGE Policy Report

‘Understanding Happiness’, a CAGE policy report which is intended to enhance understanding of how the well-being of individuals and societies is affected by myriad forces. The report considers ways to rethink traditional aims and definitions of socioeconomic progress.

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Unlocking Development - A CAGE Policy Report

The world’s poor are ‘trapped’ in poverty. How can we unlock development so that poor countries can sustain economic growth over long periods of time?

Chapter 1 addresses the factors underlying sustainable growth of the national economy.

Chapter 2 looks for the sources of business capacity and sustainable growth of the private sector.

Chapter 3 links citizenship to economic development, showing how political voice can enable women to participate more freely in society and the economy.

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Reversals of Fortune? A Long-term Perspective on Global Economic Prospects

In the report, Nicholas Crafts asks: "What Difference does the Crisis make to Long-term West European Growth?"

Vera Troeger considers "The Impact of Globalisation and Global Economic Crises on Social Cohesion and Attitudes towards Welfare State Policies in Developed Western Democracies."

Stephen Broadberry looks at "The BRICs: What does Economic History say about their Growth Prospects?"

Sharun Mukand takes "The View from the Developing World: Institutions, Global Shocks and Economic Adjustment."

Finally, Sayantan Ghosal has a new perspective on "The Design of Pro-poor Policies."

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