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1999 Working Papers

549: When are Plurality Rule Voting Games Dominance- Solvable?
(December 1999)
Amrita Dhillon and Ben Lockwood

(Paper) A Law of Scarcity for Games
(December 1999)
Alexander Kovalenkov and Myrna H Wooders

545: Elections and Strategic Positioning Games
(November 1999) (Revised September 2002 and Forthcoming in Review of Economic Design)
Frank H Page Jr and Myrna H. Wooders

544: Time-Inconsistent Candidates vs. Time-Inconsistent Voters: Imperfect Policy Commitment in Political Equilibrium
(November 1999)
Marco Pani and Carlo Perroni

542: Adoption of an IMF Programme and Debt Rescheduling. An Empirical Analysis
(November 1999)
Silvia Marchesi

540: The Allocation of Carbon Permits Within One Country: A General Equilibrium Analysis of the United Kingdom
(June 1999)
T. Huw Edwards and John P. Hutton

539: Child Support Reform: Some Analysis of the 1999 White Paper
(October 1999)
Gillian Paull and Ian Walker

538: An Extension of the KKMS Theorem
(September 1999
Yakar Kannai and Myrna Holtz Wooders

537: An Explicit Bound on E for nonemptiness of E-cores of Games
(May 1999)
Alexander Kovalenkov and Myrna Holtz Wooders

536: Epsilon Cores of Games and Economies with Limited Side Payments
(May 1999)
Alexander Kovalenkov and Myrna Holtz Wooders

535: Approximate Cores of Games and Economies with Clubs
(Revised August 2001) (Original October 1999)
Alexander Kovalenkov and Myrna Holtz Wooders

534: Economic Integration and Human Capital Investment
(November 1999)
Norman Ireland and Guido Merzoni

533: Investment Subsidies and Time-Consistent Environmental Policy
(June 1999)
Lisandro Abrego and Carlo Perroni

532: Low-Pay Transitions and Attrition Bias in Italy: An Analysis Using Simulation Based Estimation
(October 1999)
Lorenzo Cappellari

531: Low-Wage Mobility in the Italian Labour Market
(May 1999)
Lorenzo Cappellari

530: Heterogeneity and the Distribution of Wages
(February 1999)
V. Bhaskar and Ted To

529: Minority Control: An Analysis of British Companies Using Voting Power Indices
(March 1999)
Dennis Leech

528: Identification and Estimation of a Labour Market Model for the Tradeables Sector: The Greek Case
(March 1999)
Costas Milas and Jesus G. Otero

527: Production Externalities and Two-Way Distortion in Principal-Multi-Agent Problems
(April 1999)
Ben Lockwood

522: Business Cycle Asymmetries: Characterisation and Testing based on Markov-Switching Autoregressions
(January 1999)
Michael P. Clements and Hans Martin Krolzig

521: Maximum Sustainable Government Debt in the Overlapping Generational Model
(January 1999)
Neil Rankin and Barbara Roffia

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