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2005 publications

The Warwick Economics Research Paper Series (TWERPS)

Recent copies of the Warwick Economics Research Papers are all available on line. Hard copies of earlier papers are available free of charge. If you wish to obtain a copy, please contact Margaret Nash, quoting the Research Paper number.

To access the paper abstract, click on the Research Paper number. To view, download or print the paper itself using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from the Adobe site), click on the Research Paper title. If you would prefer to browse through all the abstracts click on the paper number.




737 Relaxing Tax Competition through Public Good Differentiation Ben Zissimos and Myrna Wooders
736 Current Account Reversals and Growth: The Direct Effect Central and Eastern Europe 1993-2000 Lubos Komarek, Zlatuse Komarkova and Martin Melecky
735 Currency Crises, Current Account Reversals and Growth: The Compounded Effect for Emerging Markets Lubos Komarek and Martin Melecky
734 The Law of Demand in Tiebout Economies Edward Cartwright, John Conley and Myrna Wooders
733 Status Equilibrium in Local Public Good Economies A. Van den Nouweland and Myrna Wooders
732 Correlated equilibrium and behavioral conformity Edward Cartwright and Myrna Wooders
731 Sovereign Risk: Constitutions Rule Emanuel Kohlscheen
730 On the Coexistence of Smuggling and Trafficking in Migrants
(revised in 2007)
Yuji Tamura
729 Decentralization and Electoral Accountability: Incentives, Separation and Voter Welfare Jean Hindriks and Ben Lockwood
728 How Does Marriage Affect Physical and Psychological Health? A Survey of the Longitudinal Evidence Chris M Wilson and Andrew Oswald
727 A Note on the Hybrid Equilibrium in the Besley-Smart Model Ben Lockwood
726 Happiness and the Human Development Index: The Paradox of Australia David G Blanchflower and Andrew J Oswald
725 Local Network Externalities and Market Segmentation A. Banerji and Bhaskar Dutta
724 Strategic Basins of Attraction, the Farsighted Core, and Network Formation Games Frank H. Page Jr, and Myrna H. Wooders
723 Communication Networks with Endogeneous Link Strength Francis Bloch and Bhaskar Dutta
722 Strategy-proof Cardinal Decision Schemes Bhaskar Dutta, Hans Peters and Arunava Sen
721 Fiscal Decentralisation: A Political Economy Perspective Ben Lockwood
720 Voting Power Implications of a Unified European Representation in the IMF Dennis Leech and Robert Leech
719 Who Really Wants to be a Millionaire? Estimates of Risk Aversion from Game Show Data Roger Hartley, Gauthier Lanot and Ian Walker