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Past Conferences


SAET Conference 2014
Hosted by Herakles Polemarchakis (Warwick) and Professor Nicholas Yannelis (Iowa) Radcliffe Training and Conference Centre, University of Warwick
Tuesday 24th June 2014

The University of Warwick in Venice, Palazzo Pesaro Papafeva
22-24 May 2014

Education, Human Capital and Labor Market Outcomes
16th - 17th May 2014
The University of Warwick in Venice, Palazzo Pesaro Papafeva
Venice, Italy

Economic History of Coercion and State Formation
A Conference to honour Mark Harrison
31st March to 1st April 2014
Scarman, University of Warwick
Organised by Bishnupriya Gupta (University of Warwick)
Jari Eloranta (Appalachian State University)

PhD Conference
06-07th March 2014
Organiser: Warwick Economics PhD Conference Team

PEUK 14 (Public Economics UK)
May 2014 (dates to be confirmed)
Scarman House
A collaboration between CAGE, CMPO, IFS, STICERD, TARC, HMRC and HMT
Organisers: Tim Besley, Ethan Ilzetzki and Kimberley Scharf

Economic Theory Workshop 2014
06-07 June 2014
Radcliffe House
Academic Lead: Bhaska Dutta

Conference on the Economics of Non-Profits, NGOs and Motivated Agents
11-12 June 2014
Scarman House
A collaboration between CAGE, LSE, Namur, Paris and Toulouse
Local Organiser: Kimberley Scharf
Main Organisers: Thierry Verdier, Gani Aldashev, Emmanuelle Auriol and Maitreesh Ghatak


Warwick/Princeton Conference on Political Economy
the University of Warwick in Venice, Palazzo Pesaro Papafeva,
14-16th March 2014

Individual Characteristics and Economic Decisions
17th - 18th January 2014
Radcliffe, University of Warwick

Workshop on Development Economics 20th - 22nd August 2013 Monash University Melbourne

Public Policy Workshop December 2013 (exact date to be confirmed) IFS A collaboration between CAGE, CMPO, IFS, STICERD, TARC, HMRC and HMT Organisers: Cormac O'Dea, Nick Catton, Kimberley Scharf and Sarah Smith

Economics in the Real World: Part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2013
Wednesday 6th November 2013 4:00pm - 5:30pm Woods Scawen (ACCR) Warwick Arts Centre

What do secret policemen really do? Part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2013
Thursday 7th November 2013 1:00pm - 2:00pm Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre

Human Capital and Productivity
26 - 28th September 2013
Scarman, University of Warwick

Rethinking the Economics of Pensions: Is There a Crisis of Pensions or of Pensions Governance and Regulation?
21st-22nd March 2013
Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol Street London EC1Y 8LX
Organised by Dennis Leech, University of Warwick
Con Keating, Brighton Rock Group
Christopher Sier, Financial Services Knowledge Transfer Group
Two-day conference organized by the Financial Services Knowledge Transfer Network and the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE), University of Warwick.

Macroeconomics Conference
4-5th May 2013
Palazzo, Venice
Organisers: Roberto Pancrazi and Thijs van Rens

European Workshop in Macroeconomics
20th-21st June 2013
Centre for Macroeconomics
& London School of Economics
Organisers: Björn Brügemann (VU Amsterdam), Wouter den Haan (LSE), Martin Ellison (University of Oxford), Monika Merz (Universität Wien), Salvador Ortigueira (Universidad Carlos III.), and Thijs van Rens (University of Warwick).
Call for papers

Department’s Summer School on Economic Growth
8-12th July 2013
Warwick Economics
Organisers: Omer Moav, Oded Galor and Moshe Hazan

Conference in honour of Kenneth F. Wallis
11-12th July 2013
Organisers: Denise Osborn, Richard Baillie, Gianna Boero, Ana Galvao, Jeremy Smith

CAGE Summer conference
28th - 31st May
Scarman House
Organisers: CAGE

CAGE Research Meeting
5th June
Scarman House
Organisers: CAGE Post docs (Mariaelisa Epifanio, Sanchari Roy and Jordi Vidal-Robert)

Sponsored by the ESRC, CAGE, and Warwick University
18th and 19th June 2013 Scarman House
Organisers: Kimberley Scharf (CAGE and PEUK) and Cormac O'Dea (IFS)

Theory Workshop 2013
21-22nd June 2013
Radcliffe House
Organiser: Bhaskar Dutta

CAGE/Department Workshop on Institutions and Political Economy
21st May 2013 S2.79
Organiser: Bishnu Gupta

CAGE International Trade Research Day 22nd May, 2013
Scarman House
Organisers: Dennis Novy and Sascha Becker

CRETA / ESRC Workshop: Financial Markets and Aggregate Fluctuations
8th May, 2013
Social Sciences Building, S 2.79
Organiser: Herakles Polemarchakis
The programme includes Oliver Hart, John Moore, Christophe Chamley, CRETA Speaker Brian Rogers and Jennifer La'O
This event incorporates the weekly CRETA seminar

Spring School on Generosity and Well-Being
9-11th April 2013
Scarman House
A collaboration between CAGE and CMPO
Organisers: Kimberley Scharf and Sarah Smith
Download the programme (PDF Document)

Second Warwick Political Economy Workshop
9-10th March 2013
Palazzo, Venice
Organisers: Francesco Squintani and Vera Troeger

PhD Conference
8-9th March 2013
Organiser: David Ronayne

18th Coalition and Networks Workshop
8-9th February 2013
Radcliffe House
Organiser: Bhaskar Dutta

Long Run Growth: Unified Growth Theory and Economic History
29th-31st January 2013
Arden House
A collaboration between CAGE and the CEPR: Centre for Economic Policy Research
Organisers: Sascha O. Becker, Steve Broadberry, Omer Moav and Kevin O'Rourke
Read the programme here.


Workshop on Governance and Political Economy
17-18 December 2012
Mysore, India

PEUK 12 (Public Economics UK)
25-26th September 2012
Scarman House

Theory Workshop 2012 
15-16th June 2012, Room S2.79
Organiser: Bhaskar Dutta

Trade Policy in a Globalised World
June 8th and 9th 2012
Palazzo Pesaro-Papafava, Venice, Italy
Organisers: Dennis Novy and Emanuel Ornelas (LSE)

First Warwick Political Economy Workshop
9th March 2012
Organiser: Francesco Squintani, Amrita Dhillon and Abhinay Muthoo


ESRC Seminar on Game Theory
7th December 2011
Radcliffe House, University of Warwick
Organiser: Andres Carvajal

Globalization and Labour Market Outcomes
23 - 24th June 2011
ILO, Geneva, Switzerland
Organisers: Sascha O. Becker (U Warwick) and Marc Muendler (UC San Diego)

Theory Workshop 2011
26-27th May, Room S2.79
organiser: Bhaskar Dutta

Quantifying Long Run Economic Development
22 - 24th March 2011
The University of Warwick in Venice, Palazzo, Pesaro Papafava, Venice, Italy
Organisers: Stephen Broadberry (Warwick and CEPR) and Peter Lindert (UC Davis)

CAGE International Trade Research Day
Wednesday 23rd February, 2011
Organisers: Sascha Becker, Dennis Novy and John Whalley


Football Workshop
7th July 2010, 5-10.30pm Room S2.79
Organised by Chris Doyle

Social Policy in India
2-3rd July, 2010
Arden House, University of Warwick
Organized by Latika Chaudhary (Scripps College) and Bishnupriya Gupta (Warwick) (CAGE)

Trade Costs & International Trade Integration: Past, Present and Future (CAGE)
25-26th June, 2010
Palazzo Pesaro-Papafava, Venice, Italy

David Jacks (Simon Fraser University), Christopher Meissner (UC Davis) and Dennis Novy (Warwick).

CRETA Workshop on Economic Theory
9 -10th June, 2010

PEUK 10 (Public Economics UK)
27 - 28th May, 2010
Scarman House

Review of Economic Studies May 2010 meetings
24 - 25th May, S0.21 Social Sciences building, University of Warwick

CRETA - IAS workshop "Competition and Cooperation"
19 - 20th April

CRETA - Marie Curie Conference in Honour of Peter Hammond
22 - 26th March, 2010

International Climate Policy after Copenhagen (CAGE)
24th February 2010

CRETA - IAS Workshop
29 - 30th January, 2010

Workshop on Aspirations and Poverty
14 - 15th December, 2010
Scarman House