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Alexander Dobson

Alexander C. Dobson
Office S1.131
Department of Economics
University of Warwick

Email: a.c.dobson [at]

Research interests:

Behavioural agents with Interdependent Preferences

Behavioural Welfare Economics, The Economics of Well-being, Social Preferences, Tournament Theory, Public Economics, Labour Economics, Experimental Economics

Supervisors: Professor Andrew Oswald and Professor Sayantan Ghosal


Ec123 - Mathematical Techniques B

Ec345 - Behavioural Economics: Theory and Applications

Ec989 - Behavioural Economics

WESS - Behavioural Economics


Ec109 - Microeconomics 1

Ec226 - Econometrics 1

Ec331 - Research in Applied Economics

Class slides:

Ec345 - Behavioural Economics: Theory and Applications

Advice and Feedback Hours - S1.131

2018-19 Term 3

Week 1: Friday 12-2

Week 2: Tuesday 4-5

Weeks 3, 6, 7 and 8: Wednesday 11-1

Week 4: Due to recovery from injury, no office hours on 15/4

Week 5: Thursday 10-12

Affiliated with CRETA