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Professor Ben Lockwood

Work in Progress


Fiscal Federalism
  • "Are Hard Budget Constraints for Sub-National Governments Always Efficient?" (with Martin Besfamille). [pdf] -NEW!
Political Economy
  • "A Note on the Hybrid Equilibrium in the Besley-Smart Mode l", [pdf] April 2005
  • "Costly Voting and Inefficient Participation", (with Sayantan Ghosal), [pdf] - NEW!
  • "Do Elections Always Motivate Incumbents? Learning vs. Re-Election Concerns " (with Eric LeBorgne), [pdf] - NEW!
  • "Candidate Entry, Screening, and the Political Budget Cycle", (with Eric LeBorgne) [pdf]
  • "Too Much Investment: a Problem of Coordination Failure", March 2004 (with David de Meza) [pdf] -NEW!

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