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Carlo Perroni

Contact details

Email: C dot Perroni at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S1.107

Advice and feedback hours: please email me.


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Professor of Economics

Research Interests

  • Public Economics
  • International Economics
  • Institutions and Economic Development

Working Papers

Local Crime and Prosocial Attitudes: Evidence from Charitable Donations,” (with Kimberley Scharf, Sarah Smith, Oleksandr Talavera, and Linh Vi), CAGE Working Paper no. 706, April 2024.

Urban-Biased Structural Change,” (with Natalie Chen, Dennis Novy, and Horng Chern Wong), CEPR Discussion Paper 18522, October 2023.

Regional Content Requirements and Market Power: Lessons from CUSFTA,” (with Wanyu Chung), September 2022. An earlier version appeared as CEPR Discussion Paper 15897.

Climate Change and Pandemics: On the Timing of Interventions to Preserve a Global Common,” (with Monica Giovanniello), mimeo, April 2020.

About Teachers' Incentives and Curriculum Choice

Published Research

Incentives, Globalization, and Redistribution,” (with Antoine Ferey and Andreas Haufler), Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 224, 2023.

Skills Scarcity and Export Intensity,” (with Davide Suverato), Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 56, 2023.

Does Online Salience Predict Charitable Giving? Evidence from SMS Text Donations,” (with Kimberley Scharf, Oleksandr Talavera, and Linh Vi), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 197, 2022.

Secession with Natural Resources,” (with Amrita Dhillon, Pramila Krishnan, and Manasa Patnam), Economic Journal, Vol. 130, 2020. – Vox EU post 

Non-discriminatory Donation Relief and Strategic Commitment under Political Competition,” (with Monica Giovanniello, Kimberley Scharf and Al Slivinski), European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 58, 2019.

Are Donors Afraid of Core Costs? Economies of Scale and Contestability in Charity Markets,” (with Ganna Pogrebna, Sarah Sandford and Kimberley Scharf), Economic Journal, Vol. 129, 2019.

Does Market Size Matter for Charities?” (with Simon Lapointe, Kimberley Scharf, and Janne Tukiainen), Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 168, 2018.

Energy Subsidies and Policy Commitment in Political Equilibrium,” (with Marco Pani), Energy Economics, Vol. 71, 2018.

The Logic of Costly Punishment Reversed: Expropriation of Free-riders and Outsiders,” (with David Hugh-Jones), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 135, 2017.

“Energy Subsidy Reform and Policy Makers’ Re-election Incentives,” (with Marco Pani), in J. Strand (ed.), The Economics and Political Economy of Energy Subsidies, MIT Press, 2016.

Special and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries in the WTO,” (with Paola Conconi), World Trade Review, Vol. 14, 2015.

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Is Partial Tax Harmonization Desirable?” (with Paola Conconi and Raymond Riezman), Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 92, 2008.

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Time-Consistent Policy and Politics: Does Voting Matter When Individuals Are Identical?” (with Dan Anderberg), Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 3, 2003.

Issue Linkage and Issue Tie-in in Multilateral Negotiations,” (with Paola Conconi), Journal of International Economics, Vol. 57, 2002.

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EC9011 Economic Analysis: Microeconomics

EC931 International Trade

EC9C4 Topics in International Economics

Departmental Responsibilities

Deputy Head of Department (Research)