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Collective Decision-Making and Culture Lab (CDMCL)


The Collective Decision-Making and Culture Lab (CDMCL) is an international and interdisciplinary group of 71 researchers based in 38 countries worldwide. It was founded by Eugene Malthouse, Thomas Hills and Daniel Sgroi (University of Warwick) and is administered by Eugene Malthouse.

We aim to bring global perspectives to the study of global collective action problems such as climate change, pandemics, and artificial intelligence. We do this by designing and conducting lab experiments across the world that enable us to analyse collective decision-making and identify the conditions and interventions that support group cooperation and coordination.

Inaugural in-person meeting

Our first in-person meeting took place in Venice in July 2023, where we discussed the results of our first project together (publication forthcoming) and confirmed our commitment to work together in the coming years.

Next meeting

Our next in-person meeting will take place in July 2025.