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Dr Jennifer C Smith: Recent Publications

  • Pay growth, fairness and job satisfaction: implications for nominal and real wage rigidity (August 2009). [Paper in pdf]
  • The ins and outs of UK unemployment. Paper presented to BHPS-2009 (July 2009, University of Essex). [Powerpoint presentation in pdf]
  • Differences in decline: quantile regression analysis of union wage premia in the United Kingdom, 1991-2003 (April 2009) (with Wiji Arulampalam and Alejandra Manquilef). IZA Discussion Paper 4138. [Paper in pdf]
  • Punishment without crime? Prison as a worker discipline device (with Marcus Miller). CEPR Discussion Paper 6621 (December 2007). [Paper in pdf]. Related article in VoxEU online (January 2008).
  • The trade union as a commitment mechanism (with Chris Doyle) (June 2007).
  • How costly is downward nominal rigidity in the United Kingdom? (August 2006). Research supported by DTI Labour Market Flexibility Small Grants Fund. [Paper in pdf]
  • The impact of downward nominal rigidity on quits and layoffs (October 2005). Paper presented to RES Conference 2006 (Nottingham University). [Paper in pdf]
  • Pay cuts and morale: a test of downward nominal wage rigidity, Warwick Economics Research Paper 649 (September 2002). [Paper in pdf]
  • Nominal wage rigidity in the United Kingdom, Economic Journal 110 (March 2000), 176-195. [Paper in pdf]
  • Crime and drugs: an economic approach (1997) (with Chris Doyle). Warwick Economics Working Paper 477. [Paper in pdf]