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Macroeconomics and International Economics

This page is no longer updated. Please see the group's page on the Department's website:



The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick has an active macro and international economics group, with a weekly external seminar and a weekly internal workshop and a large group of high quality PhD students. We also organise international conferences on campus, in London or in Venice.


For publications and working papers in macroeconomics, see the faculty websites below. Or, click here for all working papers by faculty members in the Department of Economics.

Featured: Omer Moav on conspicuous consumption and poverty


Macro and International Economics Seminar
Thursday, 4-5:30pm, for external speakers from top-level academic institutions across the world
Current organisers: Roberto Pancrazi and Guillermo Noguera
Schedule 2014/15 - Schedule 2013/14 - JR seminars 2013 - Schedule 2012/13

Macro and International Economics Workshop
Friday, 1-2pm, for faculty and PhD students at Warwick (and occasional external speakers) to present their work and give feedback to each other
Current organisers: Juan Carlos Castro Fernandez and Luca Zavalloni (with Michael McMahon and Thijs van Rens)
Schedule 2014/15 - Summer Conference 11/9/2014 - Schedule 2013/14 - Summer Conference 18/7/2013 - Schedule 2012/13

Macro Reading Group
Wednesday, 12-1pm, each week) for PhD students and faculty with short presentations and discussion of important recent papers in macroeconomics
Organisers: Roberto Pancrazi and Marija Vukotic

Global Fragmentation of Production and Trade Policy, Brussels, 25-26 September 2014
European Workshop in Macroeconomics
, London, 20-21 June 2013
CAGE International Trade Research Day, University of Warwick, 22 May 2013
CRETA/ESRC Workshop on Financial Markets and Aggregate Fluctuations, University of Warwick, 7 May 2013
Financial Markets and the Real Economy, Venice, 4-5 May 2013
Trade Policy in a Globalised World, Venice, 8-9 June 2012
CAGE International Trade Research Day, University of Warwick, 23 February 2011
Trade Costs and International Trade Integration: Past, Present and Future, Venice, 25-26 June 2010
New Micro-foundations for Macroeconomics, University of Warwick, 10-11 July 2009
World Economy and Global Finance, University of Warwick, 11-15 July 2007

Other macroeconomics events in the area
Centre for Macroeconomics at LSE
CEPR International Macroeconomics Programme and International Trade and Regional Economics
Royal Economic Society Annual Conference
LSE Money-Macro Workshop and International Economics Seminar
UCL Macro Seminar
Bank of England Conferences
Oxford Seminar Series
QMUL Economics and Finance Seminars
Essex Seminars - Search and Matching Workshop


Faculty in macroeconomics, international finance and international trade:

Natalie ChenNatalie Chen
Associate Professor
PhD Université Libre de Bruxelles
International Trade

Sara Eugeni
Teaching Fellow
PhD 2014 York
International Macroeconomics

Juan Carlos Gozzi
Assistant Professor
PhD 2011 Brown University
International Finance, Banking

Michael McMahonMichael McMahon
Assistant Professor
PhD 2009 LSE
Monetary Economics, Fiscal Policy, Inventories

Marcus MillerMarcus Miller
PhD Yale University
Asset Markets, International Economics

Omer MoavOmer Moav
PhD 1999 Hebrew University
Growth, Inequality

Ali Moghaddasi KelishomiAli Moghaddasi Kelishomi
Teaching Fellow,
PhD 2012 University of Essex
Labour Economics, Macroeconomics

Guillermo NogueraGuillermo Noguera
Assistant Professor
PhD 2011 UC Berkeley
International Trade

Dennis NovyDennis Novy
Associate Professor
PhD 2007 University of Cambridge
International Trade

Roberto PancraziRoberto Pancrazi
Assistant Professor
PhD 2010 Duke University
International Finance, Empirical Macroeconomics

Luigi Pascali
Assistant Professor
PhD 2010 Boston College
Growth and Development, International Economics

Herakles PolemarchakisHerakles Polemarchakis
PhD 1977 Harvard University
General Equilibrium Theory, Asset Markets, Monetary Theory

Jonathan PowellJonathan Powell
Teaching Fellow
PhD 2008 University of Manchester
Growth, Corruption

Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith
Associate Professor
PhD 1991 University of Cambridge
Labour Markets, Business Cycles

Thijs van RensThijs van Rens
Associate Professor
PhD 2005 Princeton University
Labour Markets, Business Cycles

Valantis Vasilakis
Teaching Fellow
PhD 2013 Universite Catholique de Louvain
Growth, International Migration

Marija VukoticMarija Vukotic
Assistant Professor
PhD 2010 Duke University
Monetary Economics, International Economics

John WhalleyJohn Whalley
International Trade

Faculty in other fields who (occasionally) participate in the macro/international activities:
[For a complete list of faculty at the Department of Economics, click here.]

Sascha Becker, Labour Economics, Economic History

Pablo Beker, Economic Theory

Ana Galvao (WBS), Empirical Macroeconomics, Time Series and Forecasting

Victor Lavy, Labour Economics

Rocco Macchiavello, Development Economics

Kris Mitchener, Economic History

Andrew Oswald, Behavioural Economics

Michela Redoano, Public Economics

Fabian Waldinger, Labour Economics, Economic History

Mike Waterson, Industrial Organisation

Chris Woodruff, Development Economics

PhD students in macroeconomics and international economics:
[For a complete list of PhD students at the Department of Economics, click here.]

Kerstin Ammon

Nikoleta Anesti

Ghasan Asbool

Juan Carlos Castro Fernandez (organiser Macro Workshop 2014/15)

Safis Chatzouz

Jorge Chavez

Wanyu Chung

Lucio D'Aguanno

Fei Ding

Alejandro Gamboa Estrada

Jardine Husman

Byungkuk Kim

Timo Leidecker

Tony Liu

Zeyyad Mandalinci

Sarah Mansour

Choong-Hyun Nam

Irfan Qureshi (organiser Macro Workshop 2012/13, 2013/14)

Songklod Rastapana

Alessandro Scopelliti

Jorge Solorzano Rueda

Craig Thamotheram

Giulio Trigilia

Boromeus Wanengkirtyo (organiser Macro Workshop 2012/13, 2013/14)

Luca Zavalloni (organiser Macro Workshop 2014/15)

Vaclav Zdarek