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Mark Harrison: Research Data

Name Description
Counter-Intel Data for "Counter-Intelligence in a Command Economy," Econ. Hist. R. 69:1 (2016)
Economics of WW2 Data for The Economics of World War II (Cambridge U.P., 1998)
Secrets Data for "Accounting for Secrets," J. Econ. Hist. 73:4 (2013).
Frequency Data for "The Frequency of Wars," Econ. Hist. R. 65:3 (2012).
Great War Data for "Great War, Civil War," J. Econ. Hist. 71:3 (2011)
Plan Fraud Data for "Forging Success," J. Comp. Econ. 39:1 (2011)
Public Debt Data for "Surely You're Joking, Mr Keynes?" Royal Econ. Soc. Newsletter no. 155 (2011)
Terrorism Data for "Bombers and Bystanders," Stud. Conflict & Terrorism 29:2 (2006)
Jet Propulsion Data for "A Soviet Quasi-Market," Research in Econ. Hist. 23 (2005)
Soviet Productivity Data for "Trends in Soviet Labour Productivity," Eur. Rev. Econ. Hist. 2:2 (1998)
Soviet GDP in WW2 Data for Accounting for War (Cambridge U.P., 1996)
Soviet Munitions Data for "The Volume of Soviet Munitions Output," J. Econ. Hist. 50:3 (1990)

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