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Michela Redoano Coppede


Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 23070

Fax: +44 (0)24 765 23032

Email: Michela dot Redoano at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S2.106

Advice and feedback hours: Mondays 11-12 am and Tuesdays 11-12 pm (Term 3)

Outside term time email me for an appointment.

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Associate Professor of Economics

On study leave terms 1 and 2

Michela is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) at University of Warwick and also an Associate at CES-Ifo (Munich). Michela holds a PhD and a MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick and a BSc in Economics from the University of Genoa.

Departmental Responsibilities

Deputy Coordinator of the Political Economy and Public Economics Research Group

Director of Pastoral and Academic Support 

Research Interests

  • Public Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Behavioural Economics


EC320. The Economics of Public Policy (Term 1 )

EC236. Topics in Applied Economics (2b) (Term 2)

EC9B6 - Topics in Political Economy (Term 2)

EC331. Research in Applied Economics (tutor) (Terms 1 & 2) (notes, bookings, etc)

Publications and Papers Under Review

  • Politics in the Facebook Era. Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential Elections. (2018) (with Federica Liberini, Antonio Russo, Angel Cuevas and Ruben Cuevas), CAGE wp. 
  • Was Brexit caused by the Unhappy and the Old? (2017) (joint with Federica Liberini, Andrew Oswald and Eugenio Proto), CAGE wp, resubmitted to Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization .
  • Political Competition, Tax Salience and Accountability. Theory and some evidence from Italy. (2018) (joint with Emanuele Bracco and Francesco Porcelli), European Journal of Political Economy available here.
  • Happy Voters, (2017) (joint with Federica Liberini and Eugenio Proto), Journal of Public Economics, Vol 146, pp, 41–57, available here.
  • Intergovernamental grants as signal and the alignment effect: theory and evidence. (2015) (joint with Emanuele Bracco, Ben Lockwood, Francesco Porcelli), Journal of Public Economics, vol 123, pp. 78-91, available here.
  • Tax Competition among European Countries. Does the EU Matter? (2014), European Journal of Political Economy, 34, 353–371, available here.
  • Does Centralisation Affect the Number and Size of Lobbies? (2010), Journal of Public Economic Theory, Volume 12(3), 407-435, available here.
  • Do Countries Compete over Corporate Tax Rates ? (with Mike Devereux and Ben Lockwood), (2008), Journal of Public Economics,Volume 92(5), 1210-1235, available here.
  • Horizontal and vertical Tax Competition: Theory and Some Evidence from the USA (with Mike Devereux and Ben Lockwood), (2007), Journal of Public Economics, Volume 91, Issue 3-4, 451-479, available here.
  • The Political Economy of Policy Centralisation: Direct versus Representative Democracy (with Kim Scharf), (2004), Journal of Public Economics, 88, 799-817, available here.

Working papers and work in progress

  • Take a look at me know. Testing for Yardstick Competition using Italian Municipalities' Performance Data. (with Emanuele Bracco, Ben Lockwood, Francesco Porcelli, Antonio Schiavone).
  • Good Ad, Bad Ad. Effect of Positive and Negative Political Content of Online Advertising". (with Federica Liberini and Antonio Russo)
  • Happiness and Productivity in the Field. (with Daniel Sgroi and Eugenio Proto).
  • Social Capital, Electoral Behaviour and Government’s Performance, (2017) (joint with Emanuele Bracco and Francesco Porcelli)
  • Electoral Performance Spillovers: Theory and Evidence, (2015) (joint with Emanuele Bracco and Francesco Porcelli)
  • The CSGR Globalisation Index: an Introductory Guide, (with Ben Lockwood) (2004) Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation Working Paper 155/04.
  • Capital Account Liberalization and Corporate Taxes, (with Mike Devereux and Ben Lockwood), (2003) IMF Discussion paper n 03/180.

Other writings

  • Politics in the Facebook Era. How reading political ads on Facebook affects our voting behaviour
    (…and helped Trump to win the Presidential elections) VoxEU, November 2018, here.
  • Brexit – a cry of financial pain, not the influence of the old, (with Federica Liberini, Andrew Oswald, Eugenio Proto) , VOX-EU , 17 October 2017, here.
  • Brexit: financial unsatisfaction or intergenerational conflict? (with Federica Liberini, Andrew Oswald, Eugenio Proto) , UK in a Changing Europe, 23 October 2017 here
  • Happy voters Briefing. Is the economy stupid?. Social Market Foundation, 31 May 2017, here.
  • Local government areas that are controlled by the same party as national governments receive larger grants and have lower taxes. (with Emanuele Bracco and Francesco Porcelli) EUROPP Blog (2013), here.
  • Happiness and voting, ( with Federica Liberini, Eugenio Proto), VOX-EU , 15 November 2013, here.
  • “David Cameron should pay attention to the “Happiness” of British citizens; it will help him win the next general election”, with Federica Liberini, Eugenio Proto) LSE British Politics and Policy, 9 October 2013, here.