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Michela Redoano Coppede


Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 23070

Fax: +44 (0)24 765 23032

Email: Michela dot Redoano at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S2.106

Advice and feedback hours: Mondays 11-12 am and Tuesdays 11-12 pm (Term 3)

Outside term time email me for an appointment.

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Associate Professor of Economics

Departmental Responsibilities

Deputy Coordinator of the Political Economy and Public Economics Research Group

Director of Pastoral and Academic Support 

Research Interests

  • Public Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Tax/yardstick Competition
  • Fiscal Federalism
  • Behavioural Political Economy


EC320. The Economics of Public Policy (Term 1 )

EC236. Topics in Applied Economics (2b) (Term 2)

EC9B6 - Topics in Political Economy (Term 2)

EC331. Research in Applied Economics (tutor) (Terms 1 & 2) (notes, bookings, etc)

Selected Publications and Papers Under Review

Was Brexit caused by the Unhappy and the Old? (2017) (joint with Federica Liberini, Andrew Oswald and Eugenio Proto), CAGE wp, under review . (See the VOXEU version here)

Political Competition, Tax Salience and Accountability. Theory and some evidence from Italy. (2017) (joint with Emanuele Bracco and Francesco Porcelli), CAGE wp, under review.

Happy Voters, (2017) (joint with Federica Liberini and Eugenio Proto), Journal of Public Economics, Vol 146, pp, 41–57, available here. (See the VOXEU version here)

Intergovernamental grants as signal and the alignment effect: theory and evidence. (2015) (joint with Emanuele Bracco, Ben Lockwood, Francesco Porcelli), Journal of Public Economics, vol 123, pp. 78-91, available here. (See the EUROPP Blog on an earlier version of paper here)

Tax Competition among European Countries. Does the EU Matter? (2014), European Journal of Political Economy, 34, 353–371, available here.

Does Centralisation Affect the Number and Size of Lobbies? (2010), Journal of Public Economic Theory, Volume 12(3), 407-435, available here.

Do Countries Compete over Corporate Tax Rates ? (with Mike Devereux and Ben Lockwood), (2008), Journal of Public Economics,Volume 92(5), 1210-1235, available here.

Horizontal and vertical Tax Competition: Theory and Some Evidence from the USA (with Mike Devereux and Ben Lockwood), (2007), Journal of Public Economics, Volume 91, Issue 3-4, 451-479, available here.

The Political Economy of Policy Centralisation: Direct versus Representative Democracy (with Kim Scharf), (2004) Journal of Public Economics 88, 799-817, available here.

Working papers and work in progress

Politics in the Facebook Era. Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential Elections. (with Federica Liberini, Antonio Russo, Angel Cuevas and Ruben Cuevas)

Happiness and Productivity in the Field. (with Daniel Sgroi and Eugenio Proto).

Social Capital, Electoral Behaviour and Government’s Performance, (2016) (joint with Emanuele Bracco and Francesco Porcelli)

Electoral Performance Spillovers: Theory and Evidence, (2015) (joint with Emanuele Bracco and Francesco Porcelli)

The CSGR Globalisation Index: an Introductory Guide, (with Ben Lockwood) (2004) Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation Working Paper 155/04.

Capital Account Liberalization and Corporate Taxes, (with Mike Devereux and Ben Lockwood), (2003) IMF Discussion paper n 03/180.