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Pharmacist - Angelina

Angelina is a pharmacist and wants to emigrate to Canada, but is not sure what information she needs or where to start her research.

Angelina needs LMI to:

  • Review the Job Descriptions and Job and Skill Requirements for a Pharmacist, to ensure the description matches her current job. Of course, job titles can be misleading and the name given to a particular occupation in one country may be very different in another country.

But Angelina may well have questions or concerns. Emigration is a huge deal! There are many other factors to consider, the factual information may help, but the decision is likely to pivot on consideration of other subjective factors. Family and friends links and attitudes, education and health care provision in the destination country, housing, travel, to name but a few! If she comes to you are you equipped to help, what other sources of support are you aware of, what issues might you expect to be explored? How hot are you on the possibilities for employment mobility in an increasingly global labour market?