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STEM Careers Delivery Digging Deeper

In STEM Digging Deeper we have built on the activities in STEM Getting Started and STEM Moving On in order to focus on keeping your knowledge up to date, investigating your local STEM labour market and how you can promote equality and diversity in STEM career learning. In previous career delivery sections we have asked you to plan sessions for learners and colleagues, but on a smaller scale. In this section we want you to think big!

STEM Careers awareness events can have a high profile and impact on learners' career thinking, effectively bringing home important messages about STEM learning and careers.

activityTo complete the STEM Careers online learning module we, are asking you to plan (and hopefully deliver!) a major STEM event. This STEM Careers Day information provides an outline of the task, with some helpful prompts. A Careers Day Planning document is also provided.

informationThe following resources should provide ideas and inspiration:

chat.pngOnce completed, please either email your plan to guidance dot research at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will upload on the NGRF STEM Careers learning module to share with others, anonymously if you wish or upload it to the STEM Careers: helping students get the message on line community forum.


Thanks and well done! STEM Digging deeper, and the entire STEM Careers module is now nearly over - how did you do? What did you think? We only have three more short tasks for you.

assessmentTest yourself! Do Test Yourself on STEM Digging deeper to help you judge if completing this part of the module has helped your understanding and knowledge.

evaluationTell us what you think of STEM Digging Deeper by completing our quick evaluation. We'd be very grateful for your feedback to help us improve STEM Digging Deeper.

evaluation_iconYou've reached the very end of STEM Digging Deeper, and therefore the end of the STEM Careers Module. How did it go? We would hugely appreciate your views on the entire module. When the module is reviewed, the feedback from this short final evaluation survey will be very important. Access the survey here. Thank you!