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New Book: 'Reflexive Labour Law in the World Society

Reflexive Labour Law in the World Society investigates trends in labour and employment law from the perspective of modern social systems theory.

It uses Niklas Luhmann’s theory of the world society and Gunther Teubner’s reflexive law concept for an analysis of modern employment law and industrial relations. Areas investigated include: reflexive employment protection; the reflexive regulation and deregulation of labour market policies and labour law; reflexivity in labour and employment conflict resolution; reflexive coordination and implementation of EU social and employment law; and reflexive global labour law.

‘This book addresses the major issue of the nature and future of labour law and employment regulation. It transcends current traditional scientific and policy debates in two related ways. First by exploring the potential of labour law as reflexive (re)regulation and second by putting labour law in the global context – i.e. the World Society. The book convincingly indicates how labour law can indeed successfully operate among the different societal systems and between global, national and local levels.’
– Ton Wilthagen, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

‘Rogowski’s challenging book offers readers a rigorous but accessible introduction to the theory of reflexive law, important and original insights into current issues in industrial relations and labour law and a fascinating preview of how a broad-based system of transnational law might one day emerge. Building on foundations laid down by Luhmann and Teubner, and on his own twenty-plus years of pioneering work, Rogowski firmly establishes reflexive labour law as a plausible and useful approach to the discipline.’
– Harry Arthurs, Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada