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The Research Never Stops

Despite the global pandemic, Law School colleagues have still continued with their research and exploring what they are passionate about. Here is a selection of some of the books they have published this year.

European Cross-Border Banking and Banking Supervision

Dalvinder Singh

Oxford University Press

April 2020

This new work provides timely analysis of the cross-border exercise of banking activity in the EU and its supervision, from the perspective of the 'home-host rule'. Find out more.

Decolonizing Ethnography: Undocumented Immigrants and New Directions in Social Science

Carolina Alonso Bejarano, Lucia López Juárez, Miriam A. Mijangos García & Daniel M. Goldstein

Duke University Press

May 2019

In discussing the movement for immigrants’ rights in a small town in New Jersey, USA, the book proposes an alternative approach to ethnography as a means for decolonizing academic research on the illegalisation of immigrants.

The Metamorphosis of Criminal Justice: A Comparative Account

Jacqueline Hodgson

Oxford University Press

June 2020

The focus of this book is the potentially radical and fundamental changes that are taking place within criminal justice in Britain and in France and the ways that these are driven by wider domestic, European or international concerns.

A Contractarian Approach to Law and Justice: Live and Let Live

William E O’Brian Jr


July 2020

The book argues for a theory of justice based on mutual advantage and explores some of the implications of that approach for law.

To Do, To Die, To Reason Why: Individual Ethics in War

Victor Tadros

Oxford University Press

July 2020

The book is about the duties and liabilities of individuals that arise in armed conflict, including implications for the laws of war.

The Limits of Law and Development: Neoliberalism, Governance and Social Justice

Sam Adelman & Abdul Paliwala


August 2020

The book is the first of two volumes showcasing Warwick Law School’s contribution to law and development research and teaching since its inception. All the contributors have taught or studied at Warwick or have strong links to the Law School. The book is dedicated to the late Dwijen Rangnekar.

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