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‘Law in the Time of Covid-19’ – New eBook

Warwick Law School’s Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner has contributed to a recent eBook focusing on ‘Law in the Time of Covid-19’. Edited by Katharina Pistor and published as a free eBook by Columbia Law School, it features contributions from many scholars at Columbia Law School together with a number of scholars from other (mostly US) universities.

Contributions examine the impact of Covid-19 on a range of legal subjects, such as the strain put on human rights, the impact on private life as well as public life and social welfare, and on the economy as it deals with the impact of lockdown.

Christian’s chapter adopts a comparative and international commercial law perspective to examine how the impact of Covid-19 on contracts might be tackled through contractual terms or legal rules dealing with unforeseen events and hardship, and suggests that additional rules will be needed to tackle the effects on a wide range of contracts.

The book was put together in the space of a month. Download the eBook for free: