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Dr Kokkinis' recent work on EU corporate and financial law and on Brexit and the UK financial services

As Brexit negotiations continue in the UK, Warwick Law School’s Dr Andreas Kokkinis has published one article on the issues involved for UK financial services firms:

Andreas Kokkinis and Andrea Miglionico, ‘Dos and don’ts of Brexit: The future of the UK financial services sector’ (2018) 7 Law and Economics Yearly Review 48 – 72.

Meanwhile, Dr Kokkinis has been working on EU financial regulation and capital markets law and contributing to policy discussions in these areas. He published:

Andreas Kokkinis, ‘Exploring the Effects of the Bonus Cap Rule: The Impact of Remuneration Structure on Risk-Taking by Bank Managers’ (2019) 19 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 167 – 195.

Back in April 2019, Dr Kokkinis attended the Interés Social y Gobierno Corporativo: Deberes de los Administradores y Deberes de los Accionistas (Social Interest and Corporate Governance: Directors Duties and Shareholder Duties) international conference in Madrid, organised by CEU Universidad San Pablo as a panel member, and presented his paper on, ‘Shareholders and the social footprint of listed companies: enlightened stewards or short-termist arbitrageurs?’.

In December 2018, he also submitted responses to public consultations on the national implementation of the Shareholder Rights Directive II into Italian Law, German Law and Portuguese Law, co-authored with Professor Konstantinos Sergakis from Glasgow University.

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