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Taskmaster's Alex Horne to be awarded honorary doctorate for pioneering widening participation initiative

Warwick Law School is delighted to witness Alex's well-deserved recognition for his commitment to education and his pivotal role in growing the "School Tasking" initiative.

Fri 22 Sep 2023, 14:10 | Tags: Award, School Tasking

Dr Alison Struthers wins Warwick Wows Award

The Warwick Wows celebrate amazing work, projects, and achievements at the University. The Law School’s Dr Alison Struthers won the award for her work on the School Tasking Project, an exciting outreach project enabling young people to learn about interesting aspects of the law and making it more accessible for them.

Wed 05 Jul 2023, 16:15 | Tags: Award, Staff in action, School Tasking

Dr Ali Struthers wins WAPCE Award for Outstanding Public Engagement

WLS's Dr Ali Struthers has been awarded the WAPCE Award for Outstanding Public Engagement for her work on the School Tasking project. The Warwick Awards for Public and Community Engagement (WAPCE) seek to recognise the vital contributions Warwick staff and students make in engaging the public in our learning and discovery and showcasing the role Warwick plays in making the world a better place.

Thu 29 Jun 2023, 10:50 | Tags: Award, Staff in action, School Tasking

Five questions with… Dr Ali Struthers, on the School Tasking project

When the Law School’s Dr Ali Struthers noticed the connections between Channel 4's Taskmaster and her academic field of law, she wondered how this could influence her outreach work - and the School Tasking project was created. The central press team caught up with Ali to hear more about the impact the project's had.

Fri 12 May 2023, 14:00 | Tags: Staff in action, School Tasking

School Tasking in the community and on the BBC!

Making outreach work fun and engaging for primary school children (and showing them University can be an exciting prospect!) WLS’ School Tasking programme is growing in popularity and reach with a recent piece on BBC News Midlands highlighting the positive impact it’s having.

Fri 20 Jan 2023, 10:22 | Tags: Impact, Staff in action, School Tasking