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Top Studying and Revision tips from Warwick Law mentors


Throughout term 2, Warwick Law School has been piloting a new mentor scheme for our students.

The Peer Assisted Study Support Scheme (PASS) consists of a group of ten students who have achieved excellent results during their studies and are at the top of their class. They’ve been acting as mentors for their fellow students offering advice on all things study-related.

Before leaving for Easter break we asked our mentors to put together a few top tips or Studying and Revision:

1) Make a table of cases with the key cases per topic

2) Have a template structure for problem question answers

3) Use past papers and feedback to give you an idea of what examiners want to see

4) Go through the course strategically – some topics clearly won’t be problem questions and vice versa - Look back at seminar questions, particularly ones with a debate element to them. They are more likely to be the essay question topics.

5) Find out what study method works best for you and trust it. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing – their study methods might just be different to yours, not necessarily better

6) Use a tick the box approach to answering questions. If you know the examiners will look for evidence of case law knowledge, use of statutes or of further reading, put that in.

7) Take care of yourself. All your study efforts won’t materialize if you burn out right before the exams.

8) Leave enough time for memorizing the material. Making study sheets is great but you need to leave enough time to learn them to. Here are some more exam study tips For further help with your academic skills, check out this page.

Thank you to our PASS mentors for providing these tips.

Mon 16 Mar 2020, 10:30