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Staff and Indicative Publications

Sam Adelman legal theory, development and human rights, and he is currently completing a book on sovereignty.

(2011) ‘Cosmopolitan Sovereignty’ in Bailliet, A., and Aas, K. F. (eds.) Cosmopolitan Justice & its Discontents (Routledge), 11-28.

(2010) 'The unexceptional exception: sovereignty, human rights and biopolitics ', Warwick school of law research paper no. 2009/09, 1 - 14, Coventry: Warwick SSRN, Warwick SSRN [Working / Discussion Paper] [view]

Upendra Baxi Emeritus Professor comparative constitutionalism, social theory of human rights, human rights responsibilities in corporate governance and business conduct, and materiality of globalization.

(2007) Human Rights in a Posthuman World: Critical Essays , Oxford University Press

(2007) The Right to Human Rights Education: Critical Essays

Shaheen Sardar Ali intersection of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, Women and Child Rights and International Law of Human Rights.

Ali, S. S., Hellum, A., and Griffiths, A. (2010) ‘Transnational Law in the Making’ in Hellum, A., Ali, S. S. and Griffiths, A. (eds.) From Transnational Relations to Transnational Laws: Northern European Law at the Crossroads (Ashgate), 11-26.

(2010) 'Cyberspace as Emerging Muslim Discursive Space? Online fatawa on women and gender relations and its impact on Muslim family law norms' International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 24 (3), 338 - 360 (1360-9939)

 Julio Faundez legal and judicial reform, governance and democracy and international law

(2011) Legal Pluralism and International Development Agencies: State Building or Legal Reform? Hague Journal on the Rule of Law (Vol. 3(1), pp. 18-38

(2010) ‘International Economic Law and Development Before and After Neo-Liberalism’ in Faundez, J. and Tan, C. (eds.) International Economic Law, Globalization and Development (Edward Elgar), 10-33.

Octavio Ferraz law and development, especially the impact of law in social justice, and comparative and international human rights, particularly in the area of economic and social rights and the role of courts in the enforcement of those rights.

Ferraz, O., et al. (2010) ‘How Does Litigation affect Health Financing?’ Technical Brief Series - Brief No 15, The World Health Report, WHO.

Ferraz, O. L. M. and Vieira, F. S. (2009) 'The right to health, scarce resources, and equity: inherent risks in the predominant legal interpretation (in Portuguese)' Dados 52 (1), 223 - 251 (0011-5258) [article]

James Harrison human rights law, environmental law and international economic law. Methodologies for conducting human rights impact assessments. The use of legal norms by non-governmental organisations.

(2011) 'Human Rights Measurement: Reflections on the Current Practice and Future Potential of Human Rights Impact Assessment' Journal of Human Rights Practice 3 (2), 162 - 187 (1757-9619)

(2010) 'Reflections on linkage debates: a case study of trade and climate change', Working paper for the society of international economic law (SIEL), second biennial global conference, university of Barcelona, July 8-10, 2010, 1 - 25, Coventry: Warwick SSRN, [Working / Discussion Paper] [view]

Graham Moffatt Trusts Law, Charity Law and Pensions Law. Other areas of research interest are Legal History and Employment Law.

Moffat, G., Bean, G. and Probert, R.(2009) Trusts law: text and materials (9780521767897) Cambridge, UK ; New York: Cambridge University Press

(2007) 'Work-Life Balance' in Family Life and the Law: Under One Roof, Editors: Probert, R. Ashgate

George Meszaros land rights, social movements and aspects of legal change with reference to Brazil.

(2011) Social Movements, Law and the Politics of Land Reform, Routledge, Oxford, (forthcoming)

(2010) “O MST e o Estado de Direito no Brasil” in Carter, Miguel, editor. Combatendo a Desigualdade Social: O MST e a Reforma Agrária no Brasil. São Paulo: Editora da UNESP, 2009, pp. 433-459 (pagination is based on second edition published in 2010).

Jayan Nayar International law, legal theory, human rights and social struggle, and the theory and practice of people's tribunals. From 2002-2005, Dr. Nayar was seconded to the Lelio Basso International Foundation in Rome, to initiate and develop the Peoples' Law Programme. He was also a member of the International Coordinating Group of the World Tribunal on Iraq initiative 2004-2005.

(2011) Thinking from the Ban”, in Corinne Kumar (ed), Asking, We Walk: South as New Political Imaginary, Streelekha Pub., Bangalore.(forthcoming)

(2008) 'Between hope and despair: the Iraq War and international law futures?' in The Iraq War and international law, 329 - 348, Editors: Shiner, P. and Williams, A. (9781841136691), Oxford: Hart Publishing

Abdul Paliwala Globalisation and Legal Regulation of the Digital Divide, Law and Economy in Developing Countries and Information Technology in Legal Education

(2011). ‘Regulating Cyberspace: Modes of Production, Modes of Regulation and Modes of Resistance’ in Hellum, A. et al (eds.) From Transnational Relations to Transnational Laws: Northern European Laws at Crossroads (Ashgate), 237-258.

2008) 'Legal regulation and uneven global digital diffusion' in E-government and digital inclusion, 15 - 40, Editors: Maioli, C. (9788477335528), Zaragoza: Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza

Dwijen Rangnekar innovation process, technical change, knowledge production and appropriation strategies; of special interest is the role of intellectual property rights.

(2010) ‘The law and economics of geographical indications: introduction to special issue of the Journal of World Intellectual Property’, The Journal of World Intellectual Property, 13(2), 77–80.

Rangnekar, D. and Kumar, S.(2010) 'Another look at Basmati: genericity and the problems of a transborder geographical indication' Journal of World Intellectual Property, The 13 (2), 202 - 230 (1422-2213)

Dallal Stevens refugee and asylum law and policy; forced migration studies; the impact of globalisation on asylum.

(2010) ‘Asylum seekers and the right to access health care’ Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 61(4), 363-390.

(2010) The Asylum-Seeking Family in Current Legal Discourse: A UK Perspective’ Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law Vol 32, No 1, 5-22.

Ann Stewart gender issues in the developing world but also in issues of gender and social welfare and on gender, law and multiculturalism. Ford visiting Professor Fellow at the Centre for Law and Governance, JNU Delhi 2009-2010.

(2011) Gender Law and Justice in a Global Market Cambridge UP (forthcoming)

(2010) ‘Engendering responsibility in global markets’ in (eds) Amanda Perry Kessaris Law in the Pursuit of Development: Theories into Practice? London: Routledge Cavendish pp 26-51

Celine Tan international economic law and regulation, law and governance of the international financial architecture, law and policy of international development financing, gender, human rights, climate change and sustainable development.

(2011), Governance through Development: Poverty Reduction Strategies, International Law and the Disciplining of Third World States, London: Routledge-Cavendish.

(2010), 'Regulation and Resource Dependency: The Legal and Political Aspects of Structural Adjustment Programmes', in Daniel Bradlow and David Hunter (eds), International Financial Institutions and International Law, Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law.

Andrew Williams human rights and clinical legal education; international criminal law. He has established a Centre for Human Rights in Practice

(2010) The ethos of Europe: values, law and justice in the EU Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

(2008) The Iraq War and international law Editors: Shiner, P. and Williams, A. Oxford: Hart