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Name Last Editor Last Updated
Academic Reference Form Nathan Gamble 11/02/21
Active Bystander Resource Library Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Annual Review Nathan Gamble 26/05/21
Blended Learning Feedback David Follows 11/03/22
Building a Restorative University event evaluation Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Community values education programme (CVEP) workshops Nathan Gamble 13/10/20
Conferences David Follows 21/06/22
End of Year Celebration Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Event evaluation: Circles screening and after-talk Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Event evaluation form: Talk by Jacob Dunne Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Event feedback form Nathan Gamble 08/03/21
Expression of Interest: mediation clinic Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Expressions of interest: Basic Life Support Courses Jane Bryan 27/05/22
Finalists 2021 Nathan Gamble 26/05/21
Finalists 2021 2 Nathan Gamble 10/06/21
First Year Review/Upgrade Meeting Sara Hiorns 01/07/21
Focus Group Volunteers Nathan Gamble 26/05/21
GAP & Referencing Workshop sign up Nathan Gamble 15/03/21
Graduation Celebration - Class of 2022 Sara Hiorns 16/06/22
Holiday Party Nathan Gamble 19/01/21
LLM Alumni Career Pathways Event Nathan Gamble 08/03/21
LLM Student Survey Sara Hiorns 03/10/21
Mediation course 26 July 2021 (student) and 28 June (staff) Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Mediation Evaluation Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Mediation network Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Mediation Reflection Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Mediator Reflection Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Moodle Rollover David Follows 17/06/22
Open Day Volunteers Nathan Gamble 26/01/21
PG Graduation Reception Sara Hiorns 14/12/21
PG Module Registration Form Sara Hiorns 24/08/21
Restorative Justice in Higher Education Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Restorative Justice in Higher Education Network kick off meeting Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Restorative Justice Seminar Feedback Jane Bryan 19/05/22
RJ circle facilitation Jane Bryan 16/05/22
Say My Name Nathan Gamble 22/03/21
SDC support survey Jane Bryan 04/03/22
Sign up to our project mailing list Andrew Skeates 23/06/22
Social Media Survey Nathan Gamble 25/01/21
Student Opportunity David Follows 14/03/22
Study Leave activities Jane Bryan 19/05/22
Study Leave Example Activities Jane Bryan 19/05/22
'Undergraduate Research' Survey Prize Draw Entry Form Jane Bryan 09/05/22
Student Society Sponsorship Sara Hiorns 14/10/21