Your Online Student Hub

Once you have enrolled and registered for your IT account and received your log in details, you will be able to access the Online Student Hub.

These pages are updated regularly and will prove a valuable source of information throughout your studies. Please familiarise yourself with the information and resources available and save it to your favourites so you can access it easily in the future.

They contain all the information you need to know about your course and the Law School so should always be your first port of call.

Here are some other systems used by the University which you will need to know how to use:


Tabula is a web application used by departments to manage all aspects of study and monitor attendance. You will use Tabula to view your timetable, student profile, and details of your supervisor(s). You will also use it to view deadlines, submit work, apply for extensions and view feedback.

Instructions on how to use Tabula.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is an online office providing people with space to communicate, share files, and organise events. The University will use Teams to stay in touch online, for video calls, supervision meetings and online classes. You may also find it useful to work on projects with your colleagues as you can communicate using chat, voice and video and share, discuss and co-edit files.

Guidance on how to access and use Teams.


Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where you’ll find module content, useful courses, forums and information plus sometimes messages from your tutors. We recommend you use Google Chrome for the best Moodle experience.

Instructions on how to use Moodle.

My Warwick App

The Warwick mobile app is called My Warwick. It is available on iPhone and Android devices. It brings together information about all aspects of life at Warwick and puts everything you need to know into a single place. It will also send you alerts when something needs your attention. It will show you personalised data on timetables, coursework and the Library.

Find out more about how to use MyWarwick and its features.

The IT Team have produced a simple seven-step guide to help get you started when you join Warwick. Check it out.