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New articles on democracy in Latin America by Tom Long

Tom Long published two articles on the regional promotion of democracy in Latin America. Both were written the historian Max Paul Friedman and draw on their recent research. Long and Friedman explore the history of regional efforts to advance and defend democracy, particularly a 1945 proposal called the Larreta Doctrine.

The first new article was published in the policy journal Americas Quarterly. It is titled 'Latin America Already Has a Model to Solve Venezuela."

It can be found here:

The second was published in La Diaria in Uruguay, in Spanish: 'Democracia en peligro en América Latina: ¿reanimar la Doctrina Larreta?'

It is available here:

The underlying research was published in the journal Perspectives on Politics. That article, "The Promise of Precommitment in Democracy and Human Rights: The Hopeful, Forgotten Failure of the Larreta Doctrine," is available open access until 1 November here:

Fri 04 Oct 2019, 11:31 | Tags: Front, International Relations and Security, Research