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LAWN-EASG Talk: Diego Telias on Strategies Towards a Great Power: Government Alignment with China's

Diego Telias is currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, academic collaborator of the Centre for Asian Studies at the same university, and editorial assistant of the Revista de Ciencia Política. He is also an Associate Researcher of the Millennium Nucleus on the Impacts of China in Latin America (ICLAC). His areas of interest are foreign policy analysis and Latin America-East Asia relations.LAWN-EASG Talk: This talk explores the complex dynamics arising from the ascent of China and how countries, whether neighboring states or middle powers, position themselves toward this great power. Why have certain governments imposed bans on Chinese companies in 5G bidding processes while others have refrained from such actions? Or why do countries adopt contrasting positions when faced with allegations of human rights violations in Xinjiang? This investigation compares two pairs of countries from different regions (Chile - Uruguay in Latin America and the Czech Republic - Hungary in Central Europe) and through an in-depth analysis of official documents and 120 interviews, analyses if economic leverage, a crucial factor mentioned in the literature, is the main explanation that influences those positions.

Date: Tuesday, 28th NovemberTime: 14:00 -15:30Venue: E2.02, Social Sciences Building

Fri 24 Nov 2023, 13:02 | Tags: Front Staff CSGR Impact PhD MA UG Faculty of Social Sciences Research

EASG Talk with Dr. Catherine Jones on Anxious Allies: US engagements in East Asia

Catherine Jones is a lecturer at the University of St Andrews, previously she was a research fellow at the University of Warwick (2012-2018) and received her PhD from the University of Reading. Her research focuses on three areas of work: (1) agency of East Asian states in international order including China's engagement with global order, (2) the China-North Korea relationship, (3) and the politics and development in Southeast Asia. Across these areas she has incorporated wargames and wargaming into her teaching and as an analytical tool for her research. In this context she has particular interests in engaging with diverse perspectives and incorporating voices from less prominent parts of the world.Catherine's talk addresses a critical gap in current literature by highlighting the importance of emotions in understanding alliance dynamics and management. It explores how the wider context, shaped by emotions among the parties, particularly anxiety, heightened tensions and fear, can impact alliance management. In contexts with heightened emotions, reassurance may be more challenging, contrasting with situations lacking an anxious state. This talk draws upon a range of examples in Northeast Asia to demonstrate the variety of effects of anxiety in alliances, providing significant insights for both policy and theory.

Date: Thursday, 23/11/2023Time: 16:15-17:30Venue: Social Sciences Building, Room A0.23

EASG Current Affairs Refresh on the 20th National Congress of the CCP

22nd October will mark the anniversary of the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the most significant event in the Chinese political calendar which decides policy and membership of the Chinese government for the next 5 years. In this talk, will be exploring the different impacts and implications of the 20th National Congress to understand its relevance for China and the broader region.

Date: Thursday, 26/10/2023

Time: 16:15-17:30

Venue: R1.15, Ramphal Building

Mon 23 Oct 2023, 12:53 | Tags: Front Staff PhD MA UG Faculty of Social Sciences Research Events

EASG Talk with Dr. Seb Rumsby on Development in Vietnam's Highlands

Dr Seb Rumsby is an interdisciplinary scholar with a wide range of interests including everyday politics, labour exploitation, undocumented migration, ethno-religious politics, grassroots development and non-national histories. Seb unites these diverse themes with an empirical focus on Southeast Asian worlds and people. He completed his PhD at University of Warwick's Department for Politics and International Studies in 2020, before lecturing in Southeast Asian Politics and Queen Mary University of London. He is now a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at University of Birmingham.

His talk is based on his recently published book Development in Spirit: Religious Transformation and Everyday Politics in Vietnam's Highlands. The effects of development and nation-building projects are always felt unevenly, especially by marginalised communities. But these communities do not lack agency in this process. How do they participate in, negotiate, or resist state-led development? And what role do everyday religious and spiritual practices play therein? In his important new book, Development in Spirit, Seb Rumsby offers an original perspective on how the Hmong communities in the Vietnamese highlands have responded to development initiatives. Centring the everyday political, economic, and religious practices of local residents, Rumsby shows that Christianisation has opened a route to ‘unplanned development’ that put the Hmong on a trajectory both of formal integration into the economy and resistance to state authority and religious persecution.

Date: Tuesday, 17/10/2023
Time: 16:15-17:30
Venue: Zeeman Building, Room A1.01

Fri 13 Oct 2023, 15:24 | Tags: Staff, PhD, MA, UG, Research Events, International Political Economy, Research

EASG Talk with Dr. Chester Cabalza on the Filipino Perspective on the South China Sea

Dr. Chester Cabalza is the Founding President of the Manila-based think tank, International Development and Security Cooperation (IDSC). He served as Vice President for Research and Strategic Studies at the Development Academy of the Philippines. He is a Professor of National Security at the National Defense College of the Philippines and Professor of Anthropology at the University of the Philippines. He became a Consultant of the World Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency. Dr. Cabalza enjoyed Fellowships at the National Defence University in China and the University of Delaware in the United States. He was conferred as Scientist by the Department of Science and Technology. Prof Cabalza co-authored books on The Rise of Philippinedization: Philippinedization is not Finlandization (2021) and Perspectives on Terrorism in the Philippines (2019). He has an upcoming book on The New Middle Powers of Southeast Asia (2023).

Dr. Cabalza’s talk on “What Does the Philippines Want? Protecting the West Philippine Sea in the South China Sea” explores the South China Sea issue from the Philippines’ perspective. An important and fascinating case study of a middle power trying to negotiate its independent national goals between two great powers.

The talk will be held online, for an invitation, please contact the EASG email account:

Date: 12/10/2023
Time: 9:15-10:30 (BST)
Venue: Online (Zoom)
If interested in attending, please follow the link and contact the EASG for an invite.

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