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DSEP Final Year Meetings

The meetings are held in my office, D2.07 (which is next to the PAIS Common Room, on the top floor of the PAIS building in Social Sciences). Please go in through the glass fronted building near the bus terminals where the PAIS UG office is, up the stairs or lift and turn right.

Please note. The booking form is very easy to use. You can scroll through the dates (and weeks) by using the tabs just above the form. And move your cursor across the form to make a booking.

Similarly, please do set up reminders so you do not forget the date and time of your meeting. And please ensure you amend the calendar in good time if you need to change the date and/or time. I do prepare for each meeting in advance, so please do let me know if due to any unforeseen circumstances you are unable to attend and need to re-book. Thank you.

You will need to sign in to make bookings.
w. 9 Mon, Jun 17 Tue, Jun 18 Wed, Jun 19 Thu, Jun 20 Fri, Jun 21