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Teaching and Supervisions



Prof Hughes teaches international relations, with a substantive focus on the international relations of Asia-Pacific politics.

  • MA modules: International Relations of Asia-Pacific

Prof Chris Hughes is not teaching a module at present but can be approached to supervise undergraduate and MA dissertations on Japan and East Asian politics by request and agreement of PAIS.

PhD Supervisions

PhD Supervisions

Prof Hughes supervises doctoral researchers working on topics such as Japan’s international relations, Japanese security and military policy, US-Japan relations, Japan-China relations, Japan-Korea relations, Japan-ASEAN relations, US security strategy in East Asia, new military technology, the political economy of defence, and East Asian security in general. Chris welcomes approaches from well-qualified and motivated students looking for a potential supervisor in these areas.

A list of current and past students is listed here.

Supervisions in progress Completed students

Supervisions in progress

Max Warrack

Pariahs to Paragons: A Cultural Analysis of the Japan Self-Defence Forces’ Rehabilitation.

Junil Yoon

Traumatizing Japan: Securitization and Ontological Security in Foreign Policy Making.

Veronica Barfucci

Japan's grand strategy shift and the 'Abe Doctrine'

June McCabe

The 'Normalisation' of the Culture and Identity of the Japan Self-Defences and Effect on the Politics of Antimilitarism

Completed students

Sun-won Park

The Dynamics of Triangular Intra-Alliance Politics: Political Interventions of the United States.

Jeong-yong Kim

South Korea’s Sunshine Policy Towards North Korea, 1998-2002: Domestic Imperatives and Private Interests.

Shigeko Hayashi

Japan and East Asian Monetary Regionalism: Towards a Proactive Leadership Role?

Tomonori Taki

Globalisation, Labour Migration and State Transformation in Japan: The Language Barrier and Resilience of the Japanese State in the 1990s.

Nopreanue Sajjarax Dhirathiti

Identity Transformation and Japan’s UN Security Policy: From the Gulf Crisis to Human Security.

Benjamin Yeung

Policy and Ideas in the People’s Republic of China: The Evolution of the Discourse on Economic Security, 1997-2006.

Akiko Onodera

Japan’s Diplomacy Towards ASEAN: A Study of the Determinants of the Japanese Foreign Policy-Making System.

Lai Yew Meng

Nationalism and Power Politics in Japan’s Relations with China: A Neoclassical Realist Interpretation.

Soon-ok Shin

The Role of Identity in Northeast Asian Security Culture: South Korea’s Middle Power Diplomacy and the North Korean Nuclear Crisis.

Jinsoo Park

Sino-Japanese Competitive Leadership and East Asian Regionalism: The Chiang Mai Initiative and East Asian Organisations.

Victoria Tuke

Japan’s Foreign Policy towards India: A Neoclassical Realist Analysis of the Policymaking Process.

Kazunori Morii

Japan’s Persistent Engagement Policy toward Myanmar in the Post-Cold War Era: A Case of Japan’s ‘Problem-Driven Practicalism’.

Hidefumi Nishiyama

Race, Biometrics, and Security in Modern Japan: A History of Border Politics in Japan.

Misato Matsuoka

Moving Beyond (Traditional) Alliance Theory: The US- Neo-Gramscian Approach to the US-Japan Alliance.

Miriam Grinberg

The US-Japan Alliance and the Relocation of Futenma: Sites of Discursive Exchange in the Reproduction of Security.

Atsuko Watanabe

Geopolitics as a Traveling Theory: The Evolution of Geopolitical Imagination in Japan, 1925-1945.

Fumihito Goto

Japanese Resistance to American Financial Hegemony: Global Versus Domestic Social Norms.

Tim Street

The Politics of Nuclear Disarmament: Obstacles to and Opportunities for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons in and Between Nuclear Weapons States.

Michiel Foulon

US Grand Strategy Towards China, 1991-2015: A Neoclassical Realist Analysis.

Chieh-chi Hsieh

A Historical Institutionalist Approach to Asian Financial Regionalism: A Case Study of the Making of Japan’s Regional Financial Cooperation Policies, 1997-2017.

Yuki Watai

Japan’s Incremental Grand Strategic Shift in the 21st Century: The Cases of Article 9 and Ballistic Missile Defence Through a Neoclassical Realist Approach.

Kyoungyun Ko

America’s Alliance Management and Military Technology Transfer Policies: The Case of Japan and South Korea in Aerospace Cooperation.

Katie Dingley

Emotional Attachment: Emotions and Gender in Japanese Conservatives’ Pursuit of Ontological Security.

Seuk Hoon Baik

A Strategic Theory of International Politics: The Origins of War