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Chase Johnson

PhD Candidate

Associate Tutor

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Chase Johnson is a PhD Candidate and Associate Tutor at the University of Warwick. He has an MA in European and Eurasian studies from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and a BA in History and Political Science from Boise State University. He is also an alumnus of the United States Peace Corps where he was a Youth Development Volunteer in the Republic of Georgia. He is in the first year of his PhD project. Chase's research interests include intelligence studies, emerging technology, artificial intelligence, and national security. However, he still actively comments on Russia, Ukraine and the South Caucasus.

Chase is a Board Member at Boise State University's Frank Church Institute.


Solving the Democracy Paradox? Emerging Technology and its Utility in Intelligence Oversight

Supervised by Professor Christopher R. Moran and Professor Richard J. Aldrich .


Chase is in his first year of teaching in PAIS. In addition to his teaching duties, he is working towards a Fellowship of Advance Higher Education (FHEA), which he will complete later this year. Chase also has previous teaching experience at Boise State University where he taught classes on Russian Politics, and Globalization. He also briefly taught high school History courses in the State of Oregon.

To schedule an advice and feedback session, please contact him at his teaching e-mail above. Chase welcomes students who are considering post-graduate study or internships, especially in the United States.

2022-2023 academic year modules:

  • PO102 - Political Research in the 21st Century

  • PO207 - Politics of the U.S.A.