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PhD Supervision

I welcome high quality applications from potential doctoral students in the broad areas of nuclear politics, trade politics, international / East Asian political economy, and Japanese foreign policy.

Below is a list of current and former PhD students for whom I have acted as either first supervisor or co-supervisor:

  • Niall Walsh. Niall is in the second year of his PhD studies and is preparing a thesis entitled "Challenging the Core: Latin America's Path-Breaking Challenge to the Liberal International Order 1995-2010".
  • Maria Theresa Robles. Dr Robles graduated in 2019. Her thesis is entitled: ‘Through Whose Lens? The Politics of Regional and Global Surveillance and Macroprudential Policy in East Asia’. She is now a Teaching Fellow in East Asian Politics in the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University, UK.
  • Bashillah Baharuddin. Dr Baharuddin graduated in January 2019 after successfully defending her thesis entitled: 'Nurturing Trust for the Participation of Developing Countries in the Multilateralism Approach to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Malaysia'. Shillah is a Research Officer for the Malaysian Nuclear Agency.
  • Ali Saqer. Dr Saqer graduated in 2016 after successfully defending his thesis entitled: 'The Visible Power of the Transnational Capitalist Class: The Case of the World Economic Forum'. He is now Assistant Professor of International Relations at ADA University, Baku.
  • Carlos Zepeda. Dr Zepeda graduated in 2015 after successfully defending his thesis entitled: 'Unmasking the Paradox of Water Access in Central America - A Fluvial System Damned by Power Structures'. He was funded by a Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholarship. Carlos is now a Senior Teaching Fellow and Researcher in Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. He was formerly a Research Associate in the Development Studies Group at the University of Portsmouth.
  • Charalampos (Haris) Efstathopoulos. Dr Efstathopoulos graduated in 2012 after successfully defending his thesis entitled: 'Middle Power Diplomacy in the WTO: India, South Africa and the Doha Development Agenda'. He is now Lecturer in the International Politics of Newly Emergent Powers and the Global Order in the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University.
  • Andrew Walton. Dr Walton graduated in 2010 after successfully defending his thesis entitled: 'Global Justice, The WTO and Fair Trade'. He is now Lecturer in Political Philosophy in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology at the University of Newcastle.
  • Masato Kamikubo. Dr Kamikubo graduated in 2008 after successfully defending his thesis entitled: 'Bureaucratic Behaviour and Policy Change: Reforming the Role of Japan's Ministry of Finance'. He is now Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Policy Science at Ritsumeikan University, Japan.